All You Need To Know About Greenhouses

All You Need To Know About Greenhouses

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A greenhouse provides a light-friendly location for growing flowers, vegetables or other plants. It means that the gardening can be continued irrespective of the season. Apart from protecting the plants from harsh climatic conditions, it helps in preventing soil erosion.

Made of glass walls and roof a greenhouse can be built and designed to suit the casual hobbyist or an experienced gardener. It doesn't necessarily require a lot of money or time but careful planning is the key to starting the project

• Why the Need For Greenhouses?

Garden Greenhouse

There are many important reasons to shift to a greenhouse. Below are the reasons why a greenhouse is a boon:

1. Winter or cold weather kills many plants that can flourish well in a greenhouse. A small electric heater can warm up the temperature inside.

2. Eat fresh, chemical-free vegetables throughout the year and save money that you spend at the grocery store.

3. Greenhouses are good for health and keep natural environment inside. The diffused light in Solexx greenhouses removes Seasonal Affective Disorder (depression related to changes in seasons).

4. Tropical exotic plants can be grown in greenhouses normally any time year round.

5. Don’t opt for local gardening once the cold weather begins. Remain an active gardener throughout the year and continue the same garden in a warm weather.

6. If you wish to be a seller or farmer, you can install a greenhouse that will offer you year round healthy and nutrition-rich yield. Also, it saves a lot of money without any waste of production.

    • Types of Greenhouse

    Different types of greenhouses

    There are different types of garden greenhouses some of which are very simple, and some are intricate, gigantic with similar structures of glass walls. The reason for using a glass roof is that the greenhouse plants inside must receive reflected filtered sunlight.

    The temperature inside is maintained warmer than the outside weather. Different greenhouses come with different heating and cooling systems that help to control the temperature inside. However, the build of a particular greenhouse depends on the budget and the need for climate control.

    • How Does a Greenhouse Work?


    Greenhouse collects light from the sun and converts it into heat. It also stores thermal energy and releases that energy appropriately along with controlled temperature. A greenhouse also protects the plants from rain, wind, snow and other weather elements. It prevents fruits from invaders such as animals and pests.

    The primary task of a greenhouse is to collect solar energy through its walls and convert it to heat. The darker material used in the greenhouse helps to store heat while the surrounding air is kept warmer. Since greenhouse creates an environment inside, there is no air to push the heat outside. When the sun goes down, the warmth present in the soil and water continues to supply enough warmth to greenhouse plants.


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