Grow Zinnia for a Burst of Color in your Garden

Grow Zinnia for a Burst of Color in your Garden

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It’s that time of the year again when we put all of our efforts into making our home gardens look lovely and bloom with a variety of colors. Now, while there is a multitude of beautiful flowers that you can choose from, obviously some are better than others. Ideal ones bloom quickly, stay that way for a long time, come in some different colours and, if possible, don’t take too much effort to maintain.
Now that may seem like a wishful list, but there is a flower that can do all this and more for you. That is why we suggest that this season, you should try growing the dazzling zinnia flower.
planting zinnias

Zinnia Flower:

The zinnia flower is an annual that blooms very quickly and is incredibly easy to maintain. The flower is also relatively large which means that it stands out from other plants in your garden. Buy zinnia flower seeds online.
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It is the surefire way of adding a colourful splash to your garden.
To grow well, Zinnia doesn’t need any extravagant preparation or materials. It requires full, undulating sunlight, warmth and moist, well-drained soil that is rich in organic matter.
As for the variety in colour, you can choose from almost any on the spectrum excluding blue. Some of the most loved are red, yellow, orange, pink and white. So, you can bring any shade to your home garden.
zinnia varieties
Another superb advantage of zinnia is that it invites butterflies to your garden. So, in other words, it truly adds more life to an environment. This is especially useful if you’re trying to cultivate a more pollinator friendly space. You may like to read about how to create butterfly garden.
butterfly on zinnia flower
So, now that you know about all of the incredible advantages of zinnia, here are some tips on taking care of them:

Zinnia Care:

When it comes to planting, zinnia is usually grown from seed and doesn’t favour transplanting. But is grows very fast from seed. It needs a full amount of warm sunlight to thrive and develop large, beautiful blossoms truly.
It is fairly adaptable when it comes to soil, but for the best results use hummus-rich soil that doesn’t retain too much water and has a pH balance between 5.5 - 7.5. Amend this soil with compost, as you plant, to make the flower grow even faster. Read more on soil pH and its effects on plant growth.
growing zinnia flower
Plant the seeds a quarter-inch deep into the soil and space them out by at least 4-24 inches. So, you’ll need a medium to large size pot, can be clay or ceramic, to grow zinnia in your garden. If you use colourful or highly decorated planters, then that will just add to the overall effect of the zinnia. To support them, add some variety and add layers to the soil in the planter, use pebbles of different hues and textures.
Finally, just remember to keep the flower somewhat moist but fertilize lightly, and you will soon have lovely blooms that will be the pride of your garden.
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