Have you Heard of Seed Bombs?

Have you Heard of Seed Bombs?

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Since 70’s, Guerrilla Gardeners have been using Seed Bombs. They use to toss them into vacant cities and convert it into lush green landscapes.

What are Seed Bombs?

Simply put, Seed Bombs are a blend of soil and seeds that makes it incredibly easy to distribute seeds and bring flowers to unexpected and wasted areas. Also known as Earth balls, the medium used to make these can include humus or compost. Buy DIY Composter.
Cotton-fibres or liquefied paper is mixed with clay to strengthen the balls; so that the tiny mud nuggets do not break apart when thrown from a height.
This unique and exciting concept of gardening has gained popularity over the years. Today, Seed Bombs are treated as a hot commodity for gifting in weddings, to hobby gardeners, by farmers for reforestation, etc.
Seed Bomb Kit

The best part about Seed Bombs is that you can do-it-yourself. Read ahead to know how:

1. Get the right seeds:

All the seeds lying in your kitchen’s spice rack are apt to use for preparing a Seed Bomb. You can start with lemons, mangoes, cumin or mustard seeds.

2. Prepare the seeds with wash-and-dry technique:

Once you have selected the seeds, wash them and then put them to dry. Do not place them on the terrace as the seeds might lose all the moisture. Instead, place them on a window sill and later store them in an airtight container until you are ready to make your own Seed Bomb.
Clay seed balls

3. Make the Seed Bombs at the right time:

Remember that moisture plays a crucial role when it comes to germination of the Seed Bombs. Thus, wait till the monsoons arrive. Mix the seeds with ¼ organic manure and ¾ soil and roll it into small and firm balls. Let them air dry, and you are all set for Bombing Green! 
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4. Test your Seed Bombs:

It is time to test your Seed Bombs. Thus, toss them into your neglected garden space. Unlike other conventional gardening methods, Seed Bombs need not be buried in the ground. You can embed them partially and leave them to grow. Do not forget to water these tiny and cute nuggets. Within 3 weeks you will see your garden turn into a majestic land full of blooms. Read about 20 essential tips on watering houseplants.
Testing seed bombs

Advantages of using Seed Bombs:

  • Seed Balls/Bombs can be thrown on the barren land on the side of highways, road dividers and barren patches of land to create a green cover.
  • Since these balls are nutrient-rich, it gives the seed ideal conditions to germinate and provides them nutrition as the young plant need some support to survive in harsh weather. Shop for Plant Growth Products Online.
  • The ball is coated and prevents animals or birds from feeding on the seeds.
  • A large area is covered in less time as you can throw the seed bombs from a car, low-flying plane or while cruising in your vehicle.
seed bombs in a bucket

The Dos and Don'ts of Seed Bombing:

The Dos
  • Check if the site is protected as a conservation area
  • Make sure the land isn't used for growing food crops
  • Ensure that there is no construction due on the site
  • Do foster the area with flowers and make provisions to attract birds and bees
The Don'ts
  • Don't throw Seed Bombs at people or windows for sadistic pleasure
  • Don't throw them on a land with inappropriate growing conditions
Flower Seedlings grown from seed bomb
Share your seed bomb composition with us in the comments below. We would love to know how you wage war against deforestation.