Love Fireflies? Attract Them to Your Yard This Summer

Love Fireflies? Attract Them to Your Yard This Summer

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Fireflies also known as lighting bugs are not flies at all. They are a kind of beetle. Firefly eggs hatch to form larvae with worm-like creatures. The worms that glow in the dark are known as glowworms.
Imagine stepping out into your garden or backyard to enjoy the summer breeze and the company of glittering succulents. Well, I am not talking about a far-fetched dream or some rural setting. It is possible to invite fireflies into your garden just by tweaking your settings and making little arrangements.
firefly lights

So, let’s gear up to create your garden shine brighter than ever:

1. Fireflies love tall grass, fallen leaves and tree logs:

The National Geographic Association states that Fireflies thrive in high grass areas, as it’s a part of their ideal natural habitat. Thus, allow the perimeter of your yard to grow tall as the long grass blades attract female fireflies, and this invites the male fireflies too. The larvae of these insects grow under fallen leaves, under the trees or in logs. So, let these some fallen leaves in your garden.

2. Get a water feature installed:

Fireflies love to thrive around streams, ponds, lakes and rivers. They also like areas that catch moisture lake grassy meadows or marshes. If you don't have a natural water feature, consider installing one as Fireflies mate where low-lying and wet areas meet streams.
fireflies near water feature

3. Fireflies love a dark ambiance:

Firstly, you cannot see fireflies with the lights on! Secondly, there are about 2,000 different species of fireflies, and they all use the production of light by a living creature - bioluminescence, to attract mates. If they fail to communicate with each other, they will not visit your area. So, turn off the bright lights and watch them glow in the dark.
Fireflies in a jar

4. Grow Pollen and Nectar Flowers:

Some firefly species feed on pollen and nectar of flowers, while others feed on insects like snails and slugs. Thus, plant nectar-rich flowers. Vegetable gardens are ideal for fireflies too as the soil in the garden is moist and tilled.
firefly insect

5. Say no to pesticides:

An organic and ecological yard can be a definite ground for fireflies to thrive. Thus do not use chemicals and pesticides in the area where you want the fireflies to thrive. Try using more of organic products before opting for harsh methods to get rid of weeds and pests. Remember, that the natural habitat is interconnected and you cannot poison one without harming the other.
Do you have a firefly garden? Have you experienced how magical it feels to watch these little creatures glow? If yes, then do share pictures and memories with us. We would love to feature them on our Facebook and Instagram pages.