How to care for Hibiscus Plants?

How to care for Hibiscus Plants?

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Exotic flowers add a bit of tropical flavor to any garden, but it can seem that growing them can be difficult. Or at least that is the assumption. But a flower like the Hibiscus, though looks like it may be difficult to grow and maintain, it can be done with the right knowledge.
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis
A Hibiscus plant will add immeasurable beauty to any home garden, with its array of colors giving out fragrances that are enticing and alluring. They bring rightness and glamor to a home, whether inside the house or outside in the garden. Learn How to grow hibiscus
varieties of hibiscus plants

There are a few secrets around perfect Hibiscus care that every gardener needs to know:

  • Before planting Hibiscus Bulbs, soak the soil for 24 hours until it is evenly moist and not soggy. Plant Hibiscus bulbs 3 inches deep and cover the hole 2 inches high with soil.
  • Keep away the soil digging pests like squirrels by placing orange wedges around the bottom of the plant.
  • Do not plant Hibiscus in clay pots as these containers gradually turn the soil alkaline by dispensing minute particle. Use pots with at least 4 drainage holes at the bottom.
  • Hibiscus thrives in any soil but it should be well-drained.
  • Use of chemical-based fertilizers is a NO.
  • If you are planning to use commercial fertilizers, opt for products that are high in potassium and low in phosphorus. Phosphorus content kill your Hibiscus.
  • Remove the trunk of the plant gently by its roots, by dislodging the soil from the sides of the container.
So, ready and excited to finally get the hibiscus growth that you always wanted?

Then follow these Hibiscus Plant Care Tips, and you'll be well on you way:

Tip 1: Where to grow Hibiscus Plant?

The hibiscus usually grows in tropical conditions, so that means it needs ample amount of sunlight. Give it around six hours of sunshine, and it will grow well.
In fact, the best place to grow the hibiscus is in a container so that they can be moved around quickly. Just remember to ensure that the soil in the container has excellent drainage so that the roots of the hibiscus can move around easily. Buy Different types of pots onlinehibiscus plant in pot

Tip 2: The right temperature to grow hibiscus

The temperatures you grow your hibiscus in actually matters a lot as they are used to a particular set of conditions.
Temperatures ranging between 60°F – 90°F or 16°C – 32°C are most optimum for the hibiscus, anything lower than that and your plant will not survive. So, bring it indoors during the winter!
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indoor hibiscus

Tip 3: How to water Hibiscus Plant?

What you need to keep in mind while watering your hibiscus are the weather and the flowering cycle. In the flowering stage, the hibiscus requires more water. During summers as well, it needs a fair bit of watering but not too much so as to drown the plant.
Finally, in the winter, water only when you feel that the soil has gone dry. Know about Perfect time to water the plants
hibiscus plant care

Tip 4: How to fertilize?

Just like any other plant, the hibiscus needs a large volume of nutrition in the growing stage. March to October is the crucial period, and this is when you should be using your fertilizer.
You can either add high potassium compost to the soil, use liquid fertilizer or a slow-release fertilizer. Iron and magnesium too are essential for plant growth. However, in the winter, there’s no need to fertilize.
Growing hibiscus plant                       Pink hibiscus bud

Tip 5: Pruning your hibiscus

The main aim behind pruning is to ensure that you’re getting a beautiful hibiscus for your garden. So, cut around one-third of the longer branches and remove any dead, weak or oddly shaped branches.
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red and violet hibiscus

Tip 6: Tackling pests and diseases

Deal with aphids and scales before they spread by pruning any and all infected branches as soon as you can and treating the plant with insecticidal oil.
Spider mites are common hibiscus pests, and you can deal with them by showering your plant in lukewarm water.
Hibiscus plant diseases
If you take care of your hibiscus plant well, then you will witness a magnificent blooming season that will light up your garden!