Growing Syngonium

Growing Syngonium

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Syngonium is quick growing, ornamental foliage plant with trailing habit, suitable for small pots and trellises. Syngonium is commonly called 'Arrowhead' plant because its leaves are sagittate (like an arrowhead) or three cut and mostly variegated. Belonging to family Araceae, Syngonium podophyllum is the most popular species of arrowhead plant, widely used in gardening. There are several regular sized and miniature (dwarf) varieties.
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Syngonium - An ideal indoor plant:

Syngonium is an excellent houseplant. This plant likes bright location but grows much better in semi shade. Syngonium does not mind low light indoor conditions for a long time. Its attractive coarse textured foliage with ornamental leaves and patterns makes it suitable for indoor decor. This lovely plant can be grown on windowsills, in living rooms, bedrooms, corridors in preferably showy containers. Buy indoor plants online in India.
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Syngonium for table top gardening:

Miniature varieties of Syngonium are unique plants. Tabletop gardening requires small plants that are pretty but can grow in the absence of sunlight. Mini Syngonium thrives in open and closed terrariums, bottle gardens. It is also planted in dish gardens, tray landscapes and miniature landscape gardens. Read more on beautiful terarriums.
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Syngonium in landscape gardening:

Syngonium is an ideal coarse textured foliage plant. Regular varieties of Syngonium are planted in the outdoor shade as a groundcover plant. It can cover the entire land in no time. If the plant is allowed to climb on tree barks and poles, it will grow vigorously. Buy foliage plants for landscape gardening online.
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Syngonium for green walls:

Miniature and medium-sized varieties of Syngonium are ideal for green walls, bio-walls and vertical wall gardening. In this manner, Syngonium is grown in soilless, hydroponic conditions and inbuilt drip irrigation systems.
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Syngonium plant care:

  • Syngoniums are quite hardy and not fastidious about soil. It can be grown in the regular soil also.
  • A mixture of coarse sand and leaf mould is a traditional potting medium for Syngoniums. Nowadays, Coco-peat with plenty of vermicomposts is used as a potting mixture for growing these plants.
  • Syngoniums like hot and humid climate. Occasionally mist the plant with hand sprayer in dry conditions.
  • Keep the plant in the sun now and then to maintain the colour of foliage.
  • Syngonium needs moderate light watering. Indoor Syngonium can be watered twice a week.
  • Apply cow dung manure or vermicompost every month for healthy foliage.
  • Syngonium that is grown in indoor pots can be allowed to climb on moss sticks.
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Propagation of Syngonium:

Propagation of Syngonium is easy from cuttings. The plant can be multiplied by stem cuttings and leaf node cuttings. The plants root from nodes wherever these touch the ground. Therefore every rooted node can grow separately as a new plant.
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Syngonium varieties:

There are several variegated cultivars, the main differences being in the position and extent of the cream or white markings. Some leaves are almost entirely white, pink or yellow.
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