The Ultimate Guide to Lucky Bamboo Plant Care

The Ultimate Guide to Lucky Bamboo Plant Care

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It’s clear why most, if not all, of us, bring home the feng shui bamboo plant or lucky bamboo plant. It’s right there in the name! We all want to invite more prosperity and success into our lives, and that’s what the lucky bamboo, or Dracaena sanderiana, is said to do.
However, it’s equally important to take care of this unique good luck plant once it becomes a part of your home garden. Being a native of West Africa, this plant has some uncommon requirements that need to be fulfilled for it to truly thrive and flourish.
Worry not! If these techniques were a mystery to you so far, we will enrich your lucky bamboo knowledge and help you to understand your beloved plant better.
Watering bamboo plant
Let’s get started!

Bamboo Plant Care Tips:

1. Lucky bamboo needs ample but indirect sunlight:

In its native environment, the plant has access to bright sunlight throughout most of the day, with some shade from the surrounding plants, so it needs the same at your home. Deciding where you plant it is the key when it comes to exposure to sunlight. 

2. You can grow it in only water:

But you’ll need to do it in distilled or rainwater to be safe. Tap water has fluoride which can turn the leaves brown. Also, ensure that the roots are covered with water and that they have enough support by placing some pebbles.
water bamboo

3. You can also grow it in soil, like most other plants:

It needs moderately moist soil that isn’t excessively wet or dry. Also, it is vital for the soil to have good drainage so that the roots have access to new nutrients. Finally, the soil, and sometimes the plant, will need to be misted with water every 2-3 days.

4. Fertilizing it the right way is a key factor:

Most times, the lucky bamboo doesn’t even need much fertilization, just pure, high-quality water. In fact, over-fertilization can lead to yellowing of the leaves. So, when you do fertilize, do it every couple of months and use water soluble fertilizer.

5. Propagate your growing plant:

As your lucky bamboo grows taller, cut down some of the shoots and then replant them. That will keep your bamboo plant manageable.
propagating good luck plant 

6. Tie the stalks in place with ribbon wire or another ribbon:

Just a simple technique to ensure that there are no chances of your plant falling over due to its own weight.
Bamboo plant with stalks tied with ribbon wire

7. Remove dead or yellow leaves:

Sometimes yellow leaves will appear, because of reasons like over-fertilization, over-watering or too much direct sunlight. Just cut them on the stock with a pair of sterilized shears. Read about 5 reasons your plants are turning yellow.
Dried and yellow leaves of lucky bamboo

8. Keep the temperature moderate for optimum growing conditions:

Again, this is to imitate the conditions of the lucky bamboo’s native environment. But don’t place it next to an open air vent, to avoid rapid temperature changes.
Now, you’re all geared to taking care of your lucky bamboo so that it brings you all the luck and prosperity.

Interesting fact:

Scientific name of Lucky bamboo is Dracaena braunii, and although it is referred as bamboo in different common names, botanically the plant has nothing to with true bamboos, which are actually grasses.
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