How to Use Vermicompost?

How to Use Vermicompost?

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If there is any organic product for plants which has all the goodness of nature, that is vermicompost. It is the most widely used organic fertilizer by seasoned gardeners. Along with curiosity, there are a lot of misconceptions regarding properties and uses of vermicompost among hobby gardeners. 

Let’s address the top 10 frequently asked questions regarding the application of Vermicompost in gardening.


10 Frequently Asked Questions About Vermicomposting

1. What is Vermicompost?

Vermicompost is a type of Organic Fertilizer. It is derived by composting organic waste by using various species of earthworms. It is a mixture of decomposing vegetable or food waste, bedding materials, and most importantly worm castings. This process of producing Vermicompost is called Vermicomposting.

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2. Are there earthworms in vermicompost?

Although vermicompost is derived from the involvement of earthworms, the final product does not contain any earthworms. However, it may contain earthworm eggs. An ideal ready to use Vermicompost is free of any adult earthworms.


3. Is vermicompost only for agriculture?

Earthworm is referred as a friend of the farmer. These creatures make the soil porous and fertile by their routine activities. It is recommended that vermicompost is allowed to be formed naturally in agriculture lands without the need of any external input. Ready to use vermicompost is more useful in small scale organic farming, kitchen gardening, container gardening & indoor gardening rather than agriculture.


4. What are the properties of vermicompost?

A good quality vermicompost is consistent, moist, dark black medium and has a pleasant earthy smell. It contains water-soluble nutrients and is an excellent, nutrient-rich organic fertilizer and soil conditioner. A well-balanced vermicompost comprises of NPK, Sulphur, Calcium, magnesium and iron. It also contains micronutrients like manganese, Zinc, Copper, Boron and molybdenum. Nutrient wise, vermicompost is superior to cow-dung manure.

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5. Is vermicompost good for potted plants?

Vermicompost is one of the best fertilizers & soil conditioner that can be used for potted plants. It can be mixed with soil, cocopeat or even sand. Various combinations of ideal potting mixtures can be made by using vermicompost, depending on the type of plant used. Nutrients in vermicompost are slowly & steadily made available to plants which is an ideal situation for potting media.

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6. How to use Vermicompost in Pots?

Ideally, vermicompost is added in soil mixture during potting of a new plant. One part Garden soil, one part coco-peat & one part Vermicompost (1:1:1), all three are thoroughly mixed and added to the pot. This combination is often referred as a universal potting mixture.

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7. What is recommended a dose of Vermicompost?

Apart from being part of the potting mixture, most potted plants should be given an extra dose of vermicompost during their various growth stages. A handful of vermicompost can be added to a pot every 2-3 months. When vermicompost is superficially mixed with the upper surface of the soil, it is known as Top Dressing. It then ensures the healthy and fast growth of plants.


8. Use of Vermicompost for houseplants

Vermicompost is ideal for most of the ornamental, foliage or indoor flowering plants. It maintains the color, size & shape and overall appearance of foliage & branches of houseplants by providing a steady source of nutrients.

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Finished Vermicompost

9. Use of vermicompost in vegetables

Vermicompost has revolutionized vegetable farming & kitchen gardening. In organic farming, it has shown the best results among all the other fertilizers. All kinds of fruiting, underground and leafy vegetables can be grown by using vermicompost as a primary fertilizer, whether grown in containers or on raised beds.

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10. Where can I buy good quality Vermicompost?

Make sure that the vermicompost you buy is from an authentic source, & it is free from any kinds of impurities and harmful pathogens. You can buy best quality vermicompost online in India with Ugaoo. Gardenia vermicompost is one of the most popular organic fertilizers used by Indian gardening community.

Happy Gardening!