Watering Succulents - What You Need to Know?

Watering Succulents - What You Need to Know?

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Succulents have recently experienced somewhat of a resurgence when it comes to home gardening. Every passionate gardener has one variety or the other in some corner of their living room office or bedroom.

Succulents offer a nice break from the traditional leafy foliage that you see around everywhere. A variety of any kind invigorates the garden and the gardener and encourages them to try new things.

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But whenever trying something new, it is important to have that knowledge that can support that endeavour. All plant varieties have diverse and distinctive needs that need to be met if they are ever to reach their full potential.

That’s why it’s important to keep tabs on even the smallest of details. So, we’re talking about how to water succulents. It may seem like a simple thing, but it’s what could make or break your succulent growth. So, here’s what you have to do to keep your succulents flourishing.


• How to Water Succulents

1. Start with the right pot

That’s right; your thinking needs to start even before you’ve planted or transplanted your succulent. Choose a pot that has drainage holes to ensure that the plant will grow healthily.


In these pots, the water won’t remain stagnant and will always be available in the proximity of the plant’s roots. With that, you’ll be on your way to a great growing season!


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Planting succulent in drainage hole pot

2. Use soil that drains well

Now that you’ve got the right pot, you need the right soil. Succulents require soil that doesn’t hold too much water and drains well. Often, the reason for a dying succulent is soil that is soaked and is dripping with excess water. With soil that drains well, the water will keep flowing through the layers so that the plant will always have a supply of fresh water.

potting soil for succulents

3. Water heavily

Remember, succulents are originally meant to grow in the desert. This means that they are very particular about the way they absorb water.

Unlike most plants that require a careful sprinkling or drizzling of water, succulents need to be soaked in water. This activates the plant’s sensors which tell it to absorb water fast because a drought may be approaching. And so, it soaks up all it gets.


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watering succulents indoors

4. Water infrequently

This point directly relates to the previous one. Once you soak the plant in water, then you need to wait till it absorbs this water completely. If you water again during this period, then it will just drench the plant and overwhelm the roots.

Instead, wait for the soil to dry out completely. Keep checking every day and once you feel that it is somewhat dry, wait a couple of days more and then water the succulent again. This then builds up a pattern that the plant will eventually get used and adapt to.

how often to water succulents

5. Watch out for the sun

Typically, succulents are hardy plants that can take the sunlight. But that doesn’t mean they should be pushed to their limits and made to work hard. Instead, keep them out of intense sunlight during mid afternoon and only give them indirect warmth to nourish them. 


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These top five tips will help you water your succulents and care for them well. If you want to start a succulent garden, then check out ugaoo.com for what you need.


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Happy Planting!