Best Time to Water Plants

Best Time to Water Plants

Water is the elixir of life. Like human beings, plants need water to grow and thrive. Different people have different opinions on when and how to water the plants, but the most appropriate time of watering the plants is in the early morning or late evening.
These timings are considered optimum because during this period the sun is at its lowest and the water reaches the roots without getting evaporated.

Enlisted below are various reasons for watering the plants in the morning or late afternoons:

rain water for plant growth

Watering the plants in the morning:

  1. To boost the natural growth cycle of the plants in your garden, water them in the morning without fail.
  2. At this time of the day, plants are ready to absorb ample water, and good hydration helps them withstand all through the day.
  3. Watering before 10 am is apt because it helps the water seep into the garden substantially.

how to water indoor plants

Watering the plants in the (late) afternoon:

  1. Watering in the middle of the day is definitely not a good idea, especially when the sky is clear and the sun is right at its peak in the afternoon. Watering in hot hours will have an adverse effect on the growth of plants. Read about how to water succulents
  2. If you choose to water your plants later in the day, water them in the late afternoon when the sun is not at its peak. This will help the plants absorb water before the nightfall and will not hamper their growth in any way. Watering during this time avoids the evaporation of water.
  3. In the summer season, you can always water your plants in the evening. Many container-grown, sun-loving vegetables and outdoor potted flowering shrubs need to be watered twice a day (Morning and evening) in Indian summer, particularly during the months of April and May. You may like to try self-watering containers.

Keep in mind that let the leaves dry before the night takes over as wet leaves are an open invitation to fungus. Read about natural anti-fungal remedies.
watering indoor plant using watering can

Let’s explore golden rules for watering the plants efficiently:

  • Keep the plants evenly moist
  • Do not water often with little water. It is always better to water seldom and that too thoroughly.
  • As the wet leaves are an open invitation to disease manifestation, keep the leaves dry.
  • Suitable watering is of prime importance. See to it that the water reaches the roots.
  • Remember that the water seeps into the ground slowly and gradually. Hence, supply a large quantity of water in intervals.
  • Always water around the plant and distribute it in the entire area.
  • Drip or sprinkler Irrigation is an excellent way of watering plants. You can use an automatic irrigation system embedded with a moisture sensor – on the bed, on the balcony, or on the lawn.
  • Waterlogging will hamper the roots and damage them. Hence avoid water clogging.
  • Use quality, loamy soil with the appropriate amount of sand and clay.
  • Use proper watering instruments like a watering can, hose, spray, etc.
Click here to buy watering tools online in India. For more details read this blog: ‘20 essential tips on watering your houseplants’.
Remember that watering with care saves time, money, plants, and most importantly water!
Happy Gardening!
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