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10 Books For Plant Lovers: Transcendental Knowledge on The World of Plants

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Whether you're new to the world of plants or you've been knee-deep in your gardens and houseplants for what feels like ages now, there are some books that will fascinate and educate you like no others. These books, with their jaw-dropping illustrations and enlightening content, will leave you content and more informed about plants, with some of them even giving you information about ancient wisdom related to plants. 

Here are 10 of the best books for plant lovers to read!


• 10 Books for Plant Lovers 


1. Urban Botanics by Emma Sibley and Maaike Koster

Urban Botanics Book

Whether you're looking for an informative book about the fascinating world of plants and caring for them in urban spaces, or just a book that looks stunning on coffee tables, "Urban Botanics" is a brilliant option for you! 

Watercolor illustrations done by Maaike Koster inspire the greatest imagination and make for wonderful visuals to browse through, with content written by Emma Sibley providing the perfect blend of much-needed knowledge and additional, very interesting information about plants. 

Done reading the book? Simply use it as a piece of decor on coffee table or decorative shelves and create the most stunning, minimalist look for your interiors with such a small-sized item!


2. Leaf Supply by Lauren Camilleri and Sophia Kaplan

Leaf Supply Book

As an easy read for plant lovers, "Leaf Supply" is a plant book that comes highly recommended by green thumbs all around the world. With very subtle and delicate designs, the illustrations reel you in and the content keeps you engaged.

Creating a wonderful reading experience, the authors - Lauren Camilleri and Sophia Kaplan - have created green magic, playing with colors and content, weaving together strings of much-needed information. 

"Leaf Supply" is undoubtedly a great read if you're looking for stunning graphics and easy reading.  


3. Plant Style: How to Greenify Your Space by Alana Langan and Jacqui Vidal 

Plant Style Book

"Plant Style" by Alana Langan and Jacqui Vidal is a green thumb's dream! This book effortlessly transforms plant care into an art form, guiding readers through a jungle of possibilities.

Langan and Vidal's conversational tone with make your learning experience about plant parenthood a breeze, with practical tips on styling and nurturing your leafy companions. Whether you're a seasoned plant enthusiast or a newbie in need of a green touch, this book turns your space into a thriving, Instagram-worthy oasis.

As a plant lover, you can easily Greenify your life with this delightful guide!


4. Plants Are My Favorite People by Alessia Resta 

Plants are My Favorite People

"Plants Are My Favorite People" by Alessia Resta is like a wonderful ode to the green companions in our lives. Resta's whimsical writing makes the plant world feel like a vibrant community of friends.

With a touch of humor and a much-required dash of plant wisdom, this book is a must-read for anyone who's ever felt a deep connection with their leafy roommates. It's a very happy, cheery celebration of the leafy friendships that bring joy and tranquility into our homes.


5. Wild at Home: How to Style and Care for Beautiful Plants by Hilton Carter

Wild At Home Plant Book


"Wild at Home" by Hilton Carter is the ultimate green-thumb guide, seamlessly blending style and plant care. Carter's conversational tone feels like chatting with a plant-savvy friend, offering practical tips to turn your home into a lush sanctuary.

With stunning visuals and easy-to-follow advice, this book transforms plant care into an art form, making it a must-have for both newbies and seasoned plant enthusiasts. Get ready to let your indoor jungle thrive with Carter's accessible and inspiring insights!


6. Stylish Succulents: Japanese Inspired Container Gardens for Small Spaces by Tomomi Inden and Junji Kondo

Stylish Succulents Plant Book

"Stylish Succulents" by Tomomi Inden and Junji Kondo is a breath of fresh air for plant lovers in small spaces. This Japanese-inspired guide brilliantly combines elegance with practicality, offering creative ideas for succulent container gardens.

The authors' friendly tone and beautiful visuals make plant styling feel like a zen art. Perfect for anyone craving greenery in compact living, this book turns succulents into stylish roommates, adding tranquility and beauty to even the tiniest corners.

Readers have also said that when they read this book for the first time, they simply expected another book on succulent gardening. But what they got was much better and very unexpected because they never knew philosophy could be used in plant books. Yet it was interwoven into the fabric of the book beautifully. 


7. Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer

Braiding Sweetgrass Book

"Braiding Sweetgrass" by Robin Wall Kimmerer is a poetic embrace of nature's wisdom. Kimmerer's storytelling weaves indigenous wisdom with botanical knowledge, inviting readers into a dialogue with the land.

Her words are like a remedy for the soul, inspiring a deeper connection to the natural world. With every page, she guides us to appreciate the gifts of the earth, fostering a sense of gratitude and reciprocity. A heartfelt journey that nourishes both the mind and spirit.


8. Terrain: Ideas and Inspiration for Decorating the Home & Garden by Greg Lehmkuhl

Terrain: Ideas and Inspiration for Decorating the Home and Garden Book

"Terrain" by Greg Lehmkuhl is a visual feast for home and garden enthusiasts. With an easygoing tone, Lehmkuhl shares creative ideas that effortlessly blend indoor and outdoor spaces.

This book is like a friendly chat with a plant expert, offering inspiration for transforming your living environment into a harmonious haven. Whether you have a green thumb or not, "Terrain" sparks imagination, making decorating an enjoyable journey of cultivating beauty both inside and outside your home.

Not only this, the book itself can be used as a coffee table decoration because of its stunning graphics!


9. Wild Interiors by Hilton Carter

Wild Interiors Book

"Wild Interiors" by Hilton Carter is a game-changer for plant enthusiasts. Carter's down-to-earth style turns plant care into an exciting adventure, offering creative ways to elevate your indoor greenery. This book is like a visual delight providing practical tips, stunning visuals, and a dash of personal charm. Whether you're a seasoned plant parent or a newbie, "Wild Interiors" turns your space into a lush, vibrant sanctuary with Hilton Carter as your green guide.


10. House of Plants: Living with Succulents, Air Plants and Cacti by Rose Ray, Caro Langton, Ro Co, and Erika Rax 

House of Plants Book

"House of Plants" is a must-have for plant lovers seeking stylish green companions. Authored by Rose Ray, Caro Langton, Ro Co, and Erika Rax, this book is like a lively chat with friends who happen to be plant experts. Packed with practical tips and gorgeous visuals, it transforms your space into a lush haven. Whether you're a plant newbie or a green aficionado, this guide makes living with succulents, air plants, and cacti a delightful, aesthetic journey.


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