10 plants that are toxic to dogs

10 plants that are toxic to dogs

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Dogs are adorable, loyal, loving, and non-judgemental beings who bring happiness and love into our lives. We’re lucky to have such beautiful friends with us, and their best care should be our topmost priority.


They deserve all our love, care, and attention. Just as dogs keep us safe, we need to keep them safe. The average dog spends a lot of time sniffing and licking stuff. Therefore, it’s our responsibility to ensure our pet dogs don’t sniff or eat something poisonous.

Out of all the stuff that is poisonous for dogs, some commonly found plants are at the top of the list. Often, the plants we see in nurseries and our surroundings can be somewhat toxic for dogs. We can deal with this by knowing the list of poisonous plants and proactively preventing accidents.

Sometimes a lack of awareness on your part can land your dog in serious trouble. Nobody wants a pet to suffer in any manner. Here’s our list of the top 10 plants you need to keep your dog away from.


1. Oleander


Photo by: Svetlana B on Unsplash


Oleander is a beautiful, bushy plant that can grow up to 12 feet tall. Its flower cluster blooms in white, yellow, pink, and red, and they are poisonous for dogs.

Not just flowers, other parts like leaves and stems can be equally dangerous. Accidental consumption of blossoms or leaves can cause diarrhoea and cardiac issues for your dog. In some cases, it may be fatal. Please be watchful of your dog if you see Oleander flowers nearby.


2. Autumn Crocus


Photo by: Mohammad Reza Sabeti on Unsplash


This plant is not to be messed with. Even if your dog consumes a small amount of flower or pollen from this plant, the consequences would be horrible. Vomiting and stomach upset are the most common side effects, but Autumn Crocus is capable of causing long-term illnesses that will inevitably lead to death.


3. Foxglove


Photo by: Max Letek on Unsplash


Foxgloves grow in clusters and look similar to a bunch of grapes. They’re mostly purple and very poisonous. Foxglove is toxic for dogs as well as humans. If your dog eats foxglove, it’s most likely to experience diarrhoea or fatigue. In severe cases, even cardiac failure leads to death.



4. English Ivy


Photo by: Jerry Wang on Unsplash


Poison ivy is well known, but English ivy can be treated as equally poisonous for dogs. Saponins found in ivy are lethal. Upon eating, dogs will salivate more, vomit, or experience abdominal pain. Your dog may not even eat it but merely come into close contact with an ivy plant. That’s enough to cause skin irritation.


5. Sago Palm



Sago Palm bears some resemblance to a palm plant. But the difference is that it’s one of the most toxic plants for dogs. Any part of the sago palm, the leaves, seeds, or bark, contains enough poison to kill your dog.


6. Lily of the valley


Photo by: Océane George on Unsplash


The beauty of lilies in the valley is ethereal. Its tiny white bulbs smell sweet and make gardens look like heaven. However, they’re not at all pet-friendly. Apart from stomach issues, these lilies can cause seizures, low blood pressure, and cardiac problems. So, if you have a dog, be careful that they stay away from the lilies of the valley in your garden.


7. Tulips


Photo by: Keenan Barber on Unsplash


Unfortunately, those bright bulbs of beautiful tulips are unsuitable for your dog. If your pet consumes some leaves or freshly planted bulbs, it can cause a loss of appetite and depressive moods. Glycosides are the prime poisonous elements causing unrest in dogs’ health. They aren’t very dangerous, but please keep them away from your dog's reach.  


8. Rhododendron


Photo by: Padre_moovi on Unsplash


Rhododendrons are found almost everywhere. They grow in shrubs and are mostly in shades of pink. The good thing is that your dog would have to consume many of this plant's leaves or flowers to experience severely harmful effects.


9. Dumb Cane


Photo by: Byron Co on Unsplash


Dumb cane, or Dieffenbachia, is a flowerless plant with green leaves containing white spots. These leaves could attract pets, and they may chew some leaves. Dogs get a burning sensation in their mouths whenever they eat some of the leaves. Apart from this, they may also experience difficulty breathing. To prevent such situations, keep your dumb cane plants higher, where your furry friend can’t reach them.


10. Japanese Yew


Photo by: Ian Lai on Unsplash


Yews look beautiful due to the needle-like leaves growing in hedges, contrasted with little red berries. Every part of this plant can be toxic to your dog, except the berries. If your dog chews off the yew bark, leaves, or seeds, there could be muscle tremors or irregular heart rhythms.


Now that you know all the toxic plants for your dog make informed decisions on the plants you want inside your home. Keep your pet away, and make sure to buy pet friendly plants. To make it easy, we add petting details for each plant at Ugaoo.com. Please check before purchasing.


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