5 Fantastic Ways To Add Nature to Your Home

5 Fantastic Ways To Add Nature to Your Home

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One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.

- William Shakespeare

Nature knows best how to comfort our soul and make us feel at home. Within it, we find the purpose of life and how to be our own sunshine. Imagine bringing nature into your home? The very idea sounds so fascinating that makes you feel at ease with a balanced mind to absorb the calmness. There cannot be anything better than blending the interiors of your house with the natural world. It will completely transform the way how your space looks and fill it with extreme freshness and positive energy.

Let’s have a look at some interesting ways in which you can bring nature to your home and enhance its charm:

1. Add Indoor Plants

Adding fresh and green indoor plants is one of the best and obvious ways to welcome nature to your home. You can start by putting gorgeous plants in every room of the house. Choose the plants that do not require direct sunlight and keep them at the appropriate location to support their healthy growth. Keeping great-smelling plants in the bedroom is also known to keep depression, anxiety, and anger at a bay while offering a good night sleep.

Where To Keep- You can decorate your bedroom and study room with lush green indoor plants that help improve memory, concentration, and sleeping pattern.

indoor plants kept in bedroom

2. Make an Herb Garden

Apart from adding flavor to the dishes, herbs are known to have several health benefits as well. You can try and make an herb garden in your kitchen by placing herbs like basil, thyme, coriander, mint, etc. in small pots. They will smell great, fill your house with the right amount of greenery, and allow to enjoy tasty fresh herbs at your dinner table.

Where To Keep- You can grow fresh and healthy herb garden in your kitchen or balcony and use the herbs to add flavor to your food.

herbs growing in indoor garden

3. Build a Terrarium

A terrarium is a collection of small, decorative plants grown in a transparent vessel. Building a terrarium in your home offers a great chance to be as creative as you can. To get started, you need a glass vessel, pint-sized green plants of your choice, small pebbles, potting soil, activated charcoal, and a few gardening tools. Once you have everything you need, let your imagination flow and great a tiny green, healthy world. The terrariums are quite low maintenance, which means higher benefits with low investment.

Where To Keep- Place a gorgeous looking terrarium in your living space to adorn its beauty and create a welcoming atmosphere for the guests.

terrarium on table

4. Decorate With Flowers

Nothing brightens up the day like fresh and great-smelling flowers. Sitting beautifully in a vase, they fill your world with immense beauty and happiness in the best manner possible. Bring them home and place in every room of the house to add some life and colors to your interior space. They serve the great purpose of bringing in natural positive vibes while decorating your abode exquisitely like never before.

Where to Keep- Be it your bedroom, living room, kitchen or study area, flowers are excellent to fill them with beauty, fragrance, and positive energy.

flowers in a vase on table

5. Create a Dish Garden

Don’t worry if you cannot afford an outdoor garden, the beautifully created dish garden in your home will do equal wonders. Quite simple to put together, you can start by selecting the appropriate area in your house where you want to place the dish garden. Pick a dish, layer it with sand and small pebbles, add pot mixture, and plant the dwarf plants. Afterward, you can add the decorative items of your choice, like shells, stones, figurines, etc. Moisten your dish garden with water and place it under bright but indirect sunlight. Every look at that beautiful creation of yours will make your heart and soul dance with joy.

Where To Keep- The beautiful dish gardens can be kept at the entrance of the house or at the reception in offices to create a calm and soothing environment.

dish garden

Applying the great ideas mentioned above will make your home feels relaxing and fill it with natural greenery in abundance.