Health Benefits of Mogra Flower

Health Benefits of Mogra Flower

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The Mogra plant or Jasminum sambac bears white flowers and is an evergreen shrub with dark green foliage. Its speciality is that the flowers bloom only at night and give off a very fragrant aroma. This plant has its roots in the Middle East and has a natural exotic quality about it. There are many reasons to grow this beautiful plant in your garden and make it a part of your floral collection.
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Mogra Oil:

Mogra oils have incredible properties that can have a variety of benefits. But do ensure to use it with some carrier oils like sweet almond or coconut oil. Then you can use all of this beautiful plant while also enjoying its breathtaking scent.
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Jasmine Aromatherapy:

Its scientific name translates to something like "A gift from God", and this definitely is a fitting name. Many discoveries have shown that this plant was used by Egyptians and Greeks for aromatherapy. It was even widely used as a natural aphrodisiac capable of promoting romance, love and passion. Use gardening as therapeutic and healing activity and to treat your mental burnout.
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Skin benefits of Arabian Jasmine:

Besides this quality, other studies have shown that Mogra has chemicals like flavonoids and coumarins which help in detoxifying the body and increase vascular health. It is very beneficial for the skin because its oils act as moisturisers and natural deodorants.
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Jasmine hair oil benefits:

It is also beneficial for your hair because it has anti-lice properties and can treat scalp infections effectively. It also has conditioning properties that promote stronger and more radiant hair. You can finally have those long locks with mogra oils.
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Health Benefits of Mogra:

The health benefits of mogra are many. They tend to reduce stress and depression just by being in an area near you. It was also used as a medicine in the earlier days because it can heal wounds. Another way it alleviates pain is by reducing headaches and backaches. Its oils are still used in massage therapies that can help aid arthritis. Eat these top 10 leafy veggies to boost your health.
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Jasmine tea health benefits:

Jasmine (or mogra) tea is a popular Ayurvedic medicine because it has properties that can improve the cardiovascular health and increase the antioxidants in the body. This helps in ridding the body of everything that is negatively affecting, which in turn helps us feel light and free of stress. Jasmine tea is also a part of many weight loss diets because it can reduce the fat cells in the body and maintain proper weight more quickly. Include these top 10 fruits in your diet to improve your immunity system
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Mogra Flowers:

These are just a few of the benefits of the Mogra plant. Its white flowers have a way of brightening up a garden and lighting up your home as well. They tend to bloom in the summer and stay fragrant throughout the warmer climate and may even form small black berry-like fruits.
Arabian Jasmine flower plant
So, whether you decide to grow it as an ornamental plant or as a medicinal one, you just can't go wrong by having a mogra plant in your garden.