Top 8 Best Indoor Plants for Apartment Living

Top 8 Best Indoor Plants for Apartment Living

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In order to paint your indoors green all you need is to pick the right plants. For an apartment, you need plants that don’t need too much direct sunlight, are easy to grow and maintain, and can brighten up the dead corners. This may seem like a long list, but it shouldn’t stop you from exercising your green thumb.

And with this list of the eight best plants for apartment living, you’ll have all the choice you need!

1. Dracaena coffee

The dracaena family is known to have some of the most durable plants for indoor growth. This variety is probably the hardiest of them all and adds a tropical touch to the home.
Ugaoo Tip: Use 14 to 16 inch plastic or ceramic pot and premium garden soil mix a potting medium to grow Dracaena Coffee.
dracaena houseplant

2. Spider plant (variegated)

Also known as Chlorophytum comosum, the spider plant is a perennial herb that is native to tropical Africa. For home growth and office use, its variegated variety is famous all over the world.
Ugaoo Tip: Grow this plant in hanging baskets by using mixture of  moss, cocopeat and vermicompost a potting medium.
spider plant

3. Money plant (Golden)

This is a popular houseplant that’s grown in water, and it is said to bring prosperity, luck and happiness. The golden pothos is the most famous of this family.
Ugaoo Tip: This plant can be literally grown in any kind of soil, growing medium in pots and containers of different sizes, shapes and materials.
Golden money plant

4. Philodendron selloum

Also called Tree Philodendron, this is a natively South American plant that is easy to grow and care for. The shiny dark green leaves spread out wide, so use it to fill in large dead corners.
Ugaoo Tip: This plant is an ideal indoor climber that can be grown with the support of moss sticks in big sized pots. Read more about growing top 10 plants for moss sticks.
Part of the Araceae family, this is a herbaceous vine that is perennial in nature. It is also referred to as the arrowhead plant. This variety has heavily variegated green leaves with rich pink veins that help it stand out.
Ugaoo Tip: Good plant for tabletop gardening, dish gardens, bottle gardens, terrariums, miniature landscape decorations etc.
For a long time, jade plants have symbolized good luck and fortune. Moreover, they are very easy to cultivate and are meant for indoor use. The only thing this plant really needs is a few hours of direct sunlight, enough watering and some fertilizer.
Ugaoo Tip: This hardy succulent is very much suitable to make Bonsai when it gets older. Jade can be planted in miniature rock gardens as well.
jade plant

7. Mini green fern

Ferns are incredibly popular houseplants that are part of most home gardens, whether that’s in the backyard or on a windowsill in an apartment. Mini ferns are perfect because they don’t take too much effort and can be used for creatively decorated terrariums as well.
Ugaoo Tip: Fern is the most versatile garden plant ever. Read more about ‘Growing ferns
fern plant

8. Peperomia (variegated)

Everyone in an apartment wants a compact table plant that adds some greenery to a room. Peperomia is perfect just for that because on one hand, its heart-shaped green leaves brighten up the indoors and on the other, it can be grown in small pots. What’s not to like?
Ugaoo Tip: You can grow this plant in soil less potting mixture like ready to use pot o mix.
peperomia houseplant
These are the plants to get you started on making your apartment a more green and soothing environment. They don’t take away too much time from your day, but still give you all the benefits.
Now that you know the plants, you can get them at and start growing!