10 fruits that boost your immunity system

10 fruits that boost your immunity system

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Fruits are such an essential part of our diet. But is that just because we're told to eat fruits by our parents at an early age? They are presented to us as the healthy alternative to sweets and candy. We might have read about their benefits here and there, but it is so important to understand how important a role fruits play in our diet. Especially now, since the prevalence and spread of diseases has become so prominent. You may also try to grow fruits organically at home.
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Fruits play a vital part in boosting our immunity system so that we can go about our day and not fall sick because of every other virus that comes our way.

Here's a list of the 10 best fruits that will keep you going strong:

1) Oranges:

They have an abundance of vitamin C nutrients that you should be taking in all year round, not just when you have a cold. This nutrient tends to boost the number of white blood cells and keep your immunity system going.
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2) Papaya:

You'll find this fruit at the top of most doctors' suggestions if you need to strengthen your immunity. Not just that but they also have anti-inflammatory effects on the body due to an enzyme called papain. Buy papaya online in India.
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3) Kiwi:

Most people avoid kiwis because they can be bitter to taste. But they are a storehouse of nutrients like potassium, vitamin K, vitamin C and folate to name a few. They also help in preventing respiratory problems.
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4) Strawberries:

These delightful crimson berries have minerals that support the immune action and are also rich in vitamins A and C. There's nothing like a bunch of ripe strawberries to end your meal with.
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5) Blueberries:

The antioxidant property of blueberries is a well-known fact by now. They aid in antibody production, which in turn is almost directly responsible for our immunity system.
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6) Grapefruit:

They may be a bit tangy but just give them a chance, they will get you all the vitamin C that you need in a day. Grapefruits are perfect candidates for a fresh morning juice that gets you started on the right note.
grape fruit

7) Watermelon:

Incredibly popular during the summer, the watermelon keeps you cool and also gives you nutrients that help the body fight off infections. If you eat your watermelon, then the summer colds will stay away! Buy watermelon seeds online in India

8) Apple:

Of course you've heard the saying, "An apple a day…" but do you know why that is? Apples contain pectin which helps the body to get rid of cholesterol, heavy metals, and toxins.
apple fruit

9) Mangoes:

Fans of tropical fruits rejoice! Mangoes are one of the very few fruit-based sources of vitamin E, reduces chances of cell damage and gives a boost to disease-fighting anti-bodies.
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10) Pomegranates:

A true super fruit, the pomegranate is good for your body and great for your heart! It lowers blood pressure and positively affects heart health. It also fights and prevents tumor cells from growing, thus giving you the best possible immunity.
Now that you know what these fruits can do for you, it's time to let them become a part of your diet. You may also like to read How to develop fruit tree orchard.
Stay healthy!