Super Cool Sabja: An Antidote to Summer Heat

Super Cool Sabja: An Antidote to Summer Heat

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Sabja is a name for seeds of Sweet Basil, which is a variety of Basil, popular in the Indian subcontinent. The scientific name of Sweet Basil is Ocimum basilicum, belonging to family Lamiaceae (Mint family). Sweet basil leaves and roots are highly aromatic and medicinal.
When soaked in water, the seeds of Sweet basil (Sabja) become gelatinous and are used in Indian drinks, cold beverages and desserts such as ‘Falooda.’ Sabja seeds also known as ‘Tukmaria,’ are very popular in India & their importance increases multifold in the summer season.
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Sweet Basil is a beautiful looking, erect & bushy herb. It can be grown easily in home gardens. The plant is raised by seed sowing. Plenty of sunlight, well-drained & fertile soil, regular moderate watering are good enough to grow Sabja plant successfully in yard gardens or pots. Sweet Basil can be treated similarly to Holy basil (Tulsi) when it comes to gardening practices. 
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Medicinal uses of Sweet Basil leaves:

  • Leaves are used to strengthen and give tone to the stomach and stimulate appetite.
  • Leaves provide great flavour to the herbal tea, which is consumed for reducing cough.
  • The leaves are crushed and applied on Scorpion sting wound for temporary pain relief.
  • Leaves are added in cool beverages (syrups) that are given to cure summer induced fevers & body ache.
  • Fresh leaves are used for garnishing cold pasta dishes, a delight in summer evenings.
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Regular consumption of Sabja seeds has following medicinal properties:

  • It reduces body heat and cools down the body internally in the summer season.
  • It helps in weight loss when added to beverages.
  • It controls blood sugar levels, therefore very useful for diabetic people.
  • Because of its gelatinous nature, Sabja has mild laxative properties.
  • It gives relief from heartburn and acidity that frequently occurs in summers.
  • It helps combat skin diseases and rashes that are related to summer heat.
  • Add few Sabja seeds in your daily water bottle.
While the use of sabja in ‘Falooda’ is well known, we have brought for you an excellent recipe for a diet summer drink which has fantastic medicinal properties that will help you to combat the summer heat.
sabja beej

‘Summer cool’ a herbal welcome drink (antidote to summer heat):

  • 1 cup water + quarter teaspoon Sandalwood powder + half teaspoon Vetiver powder + half teaspoon Anantmool (Indian Sarsaparilla) powder + 1 teaspoon fennel (saunf) powder + half teaspoon Stevia powder (or 3-4 leaves of Stevia) + 1 tablespoon lime juice.
  • Blend all the above ingredients thoroughly in mixer & strain it.
  • Add 6-8 cubes of ice & again blend it nicely in a mixer.
  • Add soaked Sabja seeds in the bottom of glass & pour the above juice in it.
  • Garnish with Basil leaves and serve it like a ‘Falooda’ beverage.
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(Recipe by Poorva Joshi, Book- Ayurgarden.)
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Have a cool summer!