Why do you need Marigolds in your garden?

Why do you need Marigolds in your garden?

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Marigolds bring a splash of gold to the garden that is just impressive. It is what takes an ordinary vegetable garden to an ornamental space that you can be proud of and show off to your colleagues. But the benefits of the marigold are more than skin deep which is exactly why they are some of the most cultivated garden plants around the world.
Feel like joining in on this prominent trend? Still on the fence about growing marigolds? Here are some reasons that will convince you to get some gold of your own.
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Easy to grow

Marigolds are incredibly easy to maintain because of their hardy nature. They have pest-resistant properties, a powerful drought-resistant ability and can even survive fairly well in cold temperatures. They are also pretty affordable and won't break the bank. Learn how to grow french marigold
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Colours and rare beauty

They are available in a variety of shades of crimson, cream, gold and orange that can light up any garden overnight. They are also splendidly striking, in particular against a wall of green leaves and vegetables. Their intricate leaf patterns can catch your eye from a distance and keep your attention the whole time.
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Keep the pests at bay

The reason they are grown as border plants isn't just because of their beauty; they also offer resistance against pests. They produce a slightly pungent smell that keeps pests away and keeps your garden safe. But they are susceptible to rat attacks. They also produce a chemical that keeps root-knot nematodes (or worms) away. This chemical is toxic to the nematodes and keeps them from damaging plants at a root-level. Read more about types of insect pests in your garden.
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Cut flower decorations

What do you do with the flowers once they have bloomed? You can carry cut flowers to your room or your office because they are relatively hardy and can survive for a long time. They are also used as sacred offerings during sacred rituals, and it's best to use flowers from your own garden.
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They are companion plants

The symbiotic nature of the marigold is on display when you grow them with other plants. Well-known combinations are French marigolds with tomatoes, cabbage, cauliflower or Brussels sprouts with marigolds. Their strong scent masks that of other plants and also keeps plants safe from pest infestation.
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Long blooming season

While the fall is beautiful because everything turns orange and beautiful, it can also get quite dreary as winter approaches, and all the gardens are laid bare. But marigolds can survive well into the fall season and sometimes even make it through winter fairly well. This ensures that the garden always has some colour even in the dead of winter. There can be no better way to cheer you up!
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Marigolds may be abundant and all around you but don't let that make you underestimate their beauty or vivaciousness. They are the workhorses of our gardens, bringing in the admirers and awestruck viewers while also working to protect your green space from harm. They are sure to bring you much joy!
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