Aeroponic System: Basics to get you started

Aeroponic System: Basics to get you started

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All our gardener friends who like to experiment with new and exciting methods, aeroponics system may be the next big thing.
Through the past few years, Hydroponic systems have shown that soil isn’t necessarily the only medium that can be used to grow plants. Creating a carefully controlled and nutrient-rich medium for the plants to grow in is proving actually to be immensely more fruitful!
And this is where aeroponics comes in.
aeroponic system

What is Aeroponics?

It means growing plants in air or mist based environment instead of using soil for the same. It can be said to be related to hydroponics as the nutrients are delivered to the plants via water. However, in actuality, there isn’t any growing medium.
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How does Aeroponic System work?

Well, the plants are suspended in a closed or semi-closed environment, with the root section separated from the leaves and the canopy.
The roots are then sprayed with a mist consisting of various nutrients that are required for growth.
Because of the soil-less method of growing, there is a certain bit of mystery and allure that surrounds this method, though many gardeners are now adopting it.
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Advantages of Aeroponics:

  1. First off, its main advantage is that it promotes fast growth in plants because the roots have constant access to a sufficient supply of oxygen.
  2. The system also doesn’t involve a great deal of maintenance, as only the root chamber needs to be protected and checked for toxicity.
  3. As the plant roots can absorb water and nutrients very quickly, without any opposition due to the medium, the resources required are far fewer.
  4. The risk of disease and pest infestation is minimal, as the environment is controlled.
  5. You won’t need to set aside a large amount of space at your home either because aeroponic chambers are usually fairly compact and can be stored easily.
  6. They can also be moved around quickly in case you’re thinking of rearranging the equipment. Finally, as it is still a relatively new method, you can learn so much about your plants through it.
  7. The system helps in producing more food.
  8. Nil labour cost due to automation.
  9. Aeroponics Growing System can be easily combined with Hydroponics.
  10. It is easy to harvest the crops as there is no soil medium involved.

aeroponic gardening

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Key pointers for setting up Aeroponics Growing System:

  • Your plants, more than anything else, are entirely dependent on the system. If there’s any failure or fault in the same, then it could be fatal for the plants.
  • Because the root chamber is where all the nutrients are and where all the magic happens, you will need to keep it clean and ensure that no buildup of toxic substances takes place.
  • As it isn’t in use as much as say, a hydroponic system, an aeroponic system and its apparatus can be expensive.
  • Finally, it’s best to leave out this method if you’re a complete beginner, as it requires some level of experience and expertise.
aeroponics plants
Despite these challenges, don’t let this new method feel  daunting. Anything can be done, if only you prepare and do your best. Just study up as much as you can and your plants will be thriving in an aeroponic system in no time!