These 10 Fruit Plants You Must Plant In Your Home Garden

These 10 Fruit Plants You Must Plant In Your Home Garden

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Fruits are an essential part of our diet. They provide us with much-needed vitamins and minerals and keep us hydrated. So if you have a home garden, you must have some basic fruit plants. It can fulfil all your dietary needs.

If you ever wondered which plants to grow in your home garden without much input, here is your guide. This article tells you 10 must-have fruit plants in your home garden and all you need to know to grow them successfully. After choosing the plants, you can buy seeds online and start growing them.

1. Mango Tree


Photo by: Rajendra Biswal on Unsplash


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Mango has over 100 varieties present all over the world. Grafted mangoes start producing after 3 to 4 years of planting. It requires low rainfall, and comparatively low humidity during flowering. That's why the spring season is the best for the flowering of mango. Mangoes are harvested during the hot summer season. Mango fruit seeds should be planted in drained soil and bright sunlight for maximum productivity.

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    2. Fig tree


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    Not a popular fruit in India, but figs have multiple health benefits that make them worth planting in your home garden. Fig trees are grown in Gujurat, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, etc. This tree dries out quickly, hence needing regular watering. Moist soil works best for the fig tree, but water clogging should be avoided. There are 5 main varieties of fig trees for you to choose from.

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      3. Apple tree

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      "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" is a popular saying owing to the health benefits of apples. Apple trees in India are mainly grown in northern areas due to their cold climatic conditions. Below 7°c temperature is ideal for the growth of apple trees. Loamy soil is considered the best soil to grow apple trees. Soil rich in vital nutrients along with a good drainage system can add to the growth of apples. Apples can be part of a healthy breakfast. You can choose to buy seeds online within your budget.


        4. Jamun tree

        Photo by: Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash


        This is a slow-growing plant used for decoration. Jamun is grown mainly during summer and is a common berry available in any market. It requires an adequate amount of bright sunlight and well-drained soil rich in nutrients. This can easily overcome waterlogged conditions, but it needs regular watering for healthy development, especially during its early stages.


          5. Dragon fruit tree

          Photo by: Keriliwi on Unsplash

          It is an expensive fruit when bought from the market. You can also grow a dragon fruit plants from seeds in your home garden. It starts producing fruits after 6 to 8 months of planting depending upon the size and age. It can bear fruits for 20-30 years. The dragon fruit tree can easily survive dry conditions, needing less watering. Also, its compatibility with different soils is impressive. It can be grown in a variety of soils from clay loam to sandy loam. Sandy soils are considered best due to internal drainage and high organic matter content.


            6. Guava tree

            Photo by: Anisa Wulan Asri on Unsplash

            Well-drained soil and bright sunlight are the best for the growth of Guava plants. It starts producing fruits after 3 to 4 years of planting.  It cannot survive coldness in the initial 3 to 4 months. Although they can survive dry conditions, it is better to water them regularly. Guava is a tropical fruit, so if you are from India, this is your cue to grow guava in your home garden.


              7. Pineapple plant

              Photo by: Pineapple Supply Co. on Unsplash

              A special fact about pineapple is that one tree grows only one plant and dies. But before dying, it produces offspring that takes 18 months to become a fully-grown plant ready to produce. Mother plant takes 2 years to produce the fruit. This plant needs a lot of sunlight and ample space for the best growth. If you trim the meat at the top of the plant, it can increase the growth rate.


                8. Lemon tree

                Photo by: Dana DeVolk on Unsplash

                If you want to grow lemons in your home garden, buy them online with a pot. It is a great plant that covers your daily spice and flavour needs. It requires a semi-shade condition for its best growth. When new leaves start coming, they can be shifted to full sunlight. Well-drained light soil works best for a lemon tree.


                  9. Papaya tree

                  Photo by: Bon Vivant on Unsplash

                  Buy seeds online and grow papaya in your home garden. The fruits are produced just after 6 to 12 months. This plant grows best in tropical and subtropical climates. It requires a lot of sunlight, water, and well-drained soil.

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                    10. Banana plant

                    Photo by: Tevei Renvoyé on Unsplash

                    Last but not the least, a banana is a must-have plant in your home garden because of its easy growth and several health benefits. The ph of the soil should be in the range of 6.5 to 7.5 for the best possible growth of banana plants. The depth of the soil should be 0.5-1m. Soil that is well-drained, fertile, rich in nutrients, moisture retentive and contains plenty of organic matter is considered the best for the growth of bananas.


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                      Fruits are an unavoidable part of our diet. So it is better to grow our fruits in our garden and have them in the purest form. Visit Ugaoo to buy fruit seeds to plant in your home garden.


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