Tom Tato: The Revolutionary Concept in Gardening

Tom Tato: The Revolutionary Concept in Gardening

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Gardening from the day of inception has seen many innovative ideas, but Tom-Tato has created a league of its own. Intrigued by the name and concept?
The idea of Tom Tato was created by Paul Hansford. In simple terms, it is a high-tech grafting process that helps you get almost 500 sweet cherry tomatoes and a decent yield of potatoes. You might be wondering how both the veggies can be grafted? Well, since tomatoes and potatoes belong to the Solanaceae or the nightshade family they can be united by grafting method. Note that chillies and aubergines belong to the same family.
tomato potato hybrid

Tomtato Grafting method:

A piece of tissue as small as pinhead is sliced from each plant, cleaned for impurities and grown separately in gel and then compost. Once each of them is about 2 inches tall, their stems are cut at the same angle to graft them together. Potato plant’s lower end containing roots and tomato plant’s upper fruit bearing end are clipped together for about a week till the join forms naturally. Read to know what is grafting in plants.
tomato potato plant graft More about grafting:
  • Plants created by using grafting method are not genetically modified. Creating proper grafts can be difficult and challenging because the stems of the two specimen plants have to be exactly of the same size for the concept to successfully work. So, use tools like grafting knife to cut the top plant into a V and insert it carefully into the bottom plant's stem system, then bandage it up. Read to know how to grow cherry tomatoes.
Cut section of tomato and potato plant
  • If the graft is successful, the vascular system of both the plants - which are essentially their blood vessels - will grow in tandem. Note: Grafting is usually done on the same species of plant. Know about growing potatoes in pots.

Amazing results of tom tato plant:

  • You will be surprised to know that this plant fruits for one entire growing season.
  • It produces 500 tomatoes and 2 kg potatoes.
  • It is the first time in history that tomato/potato hybrids were produced commercially.
  • Tom-Tato's fruits have a sugar content (Brix) level higher than the commercial ones, along with "right level of acidity that only the tastiest tomatoes have." The potatoes are perfect for boiling, roasting or mashing.
  • The best part about this entire concept is that it can grow and flourish to its fullest in the containers and does not need a full yard.

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growing tomatoes & potatoes in pot 
Isn't this bound to be a novelty plant in your kitchen garden?

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