9 Classic Garden Ornaments

9 Classic Garden Ornaments

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For a beautiful garden, only planting flowering and foliage plants is not enough. In a garden, several ornaments, and necessities should be provided to make it look more ornamental and useful. The beautiful hardscaping features, when used along with garden plants, make a garden complete. Let’s have a look at some of the most classic garden ornaments that never get old.

1. Garden Seats:

Garden seats are a necessity in any backyard. The seats should be comfortable, durable, artistic looking, and should not look out of place. Wooden and fabric seats can be used in private garden, as stone or iron seats are usually installed at public gardens. You can use wooden seats made of good timber like teak; it should be treated with preservatives and painted with moisture proof chemicals. 
garden furniture

2. Ornamental tubs, Urns and Vases:

These add beauty to the garden. Plants displayed in decorative containers or urns at suitable places look beautiful. The tub or the jar can be made of timber or preferably of brick, concrete or carved out of stone.  Metal ornamental urns preferably of metal look beautiful in the terrace, near the staircase, or even inside the house. Grow suitable ornamental plants in these containers.
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3. Bird Baths:

These are nothing but large bowl-shaped containers, generally made of concrete, fixed over a pillar or column which is about 1 meter tall. Water is stored in a bowl for the birds to come and drink or bathe in it. Bird baths should be constructed at quiet corners of the garden.
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bird bath

4. Floral Clocks

These are nothing but giant clocks, operated by electricity, equipped with huge hands for showing the seconds, minutes, and hours. Concealed in an underground chamber the clock shows only the hands on the ground against a dial of green and red foliage plants, carpet beddings, flower beds or even decorative pebbles.
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5. Japanese Lanterns:

These types of lamps are made of carved white stone or white marble with fire box and are suitable for areas having snowfall. There is no harm even if these are used in hot climates; the Japanese lanterns can be positioned in proper places- near house or near stream or pool.
garden lantern

6. Ornamental stones:

Decorative stones, pebbles, gravels of different textures, sizes and colors, if correctly placed, improve the look of any garden to a great extent. The stones can be placed near lily pools, in the midst of streams and waterfalls. Beautiful pebbles are very popular in indoor gardening & tabletop arrangements like terrariums, bottle gardens, dish gardens & fairy gardens.
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7. Fountains:

The fountain is the most attractive hardscaping feature of a gardening culture. Unless there is water under pressure one cannot have any real fountain. There are various classic as well as moderns designs of fountains. To make fountains more colourful during the night, deck it with coloured lights are underwater. Note that these lights are waterproof and have an automatic switch to change the colours at regular intervals.
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8. Statues:

Statues of animate or inanimate objects are used in the garden to improve its look. The statues can be carved out of stone or made of bronze. The detailed figures are also placed as the focal point of small or a big garden. Use the statue of the artistic value.
garden statues

9. Plant Stands:

The plant stands are also very useful structures for decorating the gardens. Plant stands are made of mild steel rods, moulded in different fashions with various sized rings attached to hold the pots growing plants. These can be showcased in the terrace garden, at the entrance of a house, or in any other highlighting position in the backyard.
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Happy Gardening!