#HelloGreenovation - The Wooden Skyscraper in Tokyo

#HelloGreenovation - The Wooden Skyscraper in Tokyo

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We will celebrate Earth Day on 22nd April. Before we delve into celebrations and start sharing messages to Save Earth, it’s important to look around and make a note of some significant innovations that can prove beneficial for our environment. In our series of #HelloGreenovation blogs, we will be looking at some marvellous ideas from all around the globe that have the potential to change the way we live.
The first Greenovation would focus on the skyrocketing structure in Tokyo, that is under construction and promises to break-free the construction jungle we live in.
Several of the World’s burgeoning metropolises boast of skyscrapers. Tokyo will get to boast of one that’s predominantly made of wood and is nicknamed ‘plyscraper.’ Sumitomo Forestry - Japanese wood product company, to mark its 350th anniversary in 2041 has proposed a 70-storey hybrid timber skyscraper.
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The Wooden Skyscraper - Exteriors

Towering up to 1148 feet, the environmentally friendly tower will have both residential and commercial space. Named as W350 building, the estimated cost of ‘plyscraper’ would be $5.6 billion. Upon completion, the ambitious tower would be about four times higher than the world's current tallest timber building - the University of British Columbia’s 174-foot, 18-storey Brock Commons building in Vancouver, Canada.
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The Wooden Skyscraper - Interiors

The Tokyo ‘plyscraper’ will be a 90% wooden building which will use a braced tube structure. Its columns and beams would be made from steel and timber, supplemented by additional diagonal steel braces. Interiors would be crafted from pure wood, producing a calm space generating the warmth and gentleness of wood. Buy live plants online in India.
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The Wooden Skyscraper - Green angle

The multi-use tower would contain a hotel, residential units, offices, and shops wrapped in large balconies covered with a dense plantation. The green balconies would connect the ground to the top floors, and offers a view of biodiversity in a concrete setting.  The building wood-lined atrium is proposed to enclose a large pool filled with reeds and lily pads. 
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Risk of fire in a wooden structure?

Earlier majority of buildings in Japan were constructed of timber, but the fire risk significantly reduced the number of wooden buildings. Timber constructed buildings regained boost in 2010 when the Act for Promotion of Use of Wood in Public Buildings was issued.
In Tokyo specifically, timber is used on Kengo Kuma's stadium for the 2020 Olympics.
(Courtesy - The Hindu (Chennai), Thursday, March 15, 2018)