Butterfly Garden - From Fascination to Reality!

Butterfly Garden - From Fascination to Reality!

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Steps for creating a Butterfly Garden:
Colourful butterflies flitting around lovely flowers are a fantasy indeed. What if we tell you that you could live the fantasy in your garden? Yes. Today, we will guide you through the entire process of creating a butterfly garden that is both enchanting and lively.
butterflies, flower garden
Let’s explore the whole process step by step:
Start with observation and identification. Research on what types of butterflies resides in your area. Observe them in gardens and parks. Visit local nurseries and libraries. Browse through the internet. If you are planning to create a prominent butterfly garden, visit the entomology department. If you wish to create a butterfly garden to attract particular kind of butterflies all you need to do is imitate the habitat of those butterflies and artificially create the same.
butterfly gardening, butterfly
The second step is research on the potential garden plants that attract butterflies. Choose the plants only after thorough study. Do not select plants on the mere fact that they flourish well in your neighborhood.
The third step is design. Evaluate your current garden. If need be, renovate and evaluate the vantage points and focal points of the garden. The ideal site is undisturbed by people and pets, yet open to view.
butterfly garden design, butterfly on flower
Study where a particular butterfly species likes to lay eggs, whether it is the sun, dappled shade, etc. and place appropriate host plants in the desired sites in your garden.
Hanging baskets and other containers can also be used to create a beautiful butterfly garden in an area in small balconies of apartments. Window boxes or hanging baskets on a fence will make it easier to see the butterflies.
The fourth step is construction. If needed modify your site and plant all the wonderful new plants.
Note that the butterfly garden will not be perfect in the first year itself. It will need modifications time and again. At times it might happen that butterflies might not thrive entirely on the plants you kept in the garden, so be open to changing it. Remember, a good garden is never entirely finished. As you become more “apt” in your new hobby, you may want to add unique features that may reduce common species into your garden.
Also, do not rely heavily on insecticides. Due to the insecticides, the butterflies will not come into your garden. So keep the use minimal and opt for organic fertilizers instead.
Butterfly Garden Plants:

Pentas, a shrub with small star-like flowers

Single petal Dahlias

Painted Lady butterfly (Vanessa cardui) on a flowering immortelleHelichrysum

Sunflower , the summer annuals
Monarch on a sunflower
, the summer annuals

Buddha belly





Butterfly Bush

Oxeye Daisies


Pink Azalea

Purple Coneflower