Go Vertical. Save Space

Go Vertical. Save Space

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Vertical Gardening is not only a resort to space constraint, but also is a method of adding life and greenery to a dead wall. Next time you hear your colleague say ‘I love gardening but have no space for it’; you better say Go Vertical and Save Space.

Keep these tips handy when you decide to go vertical:

1. A wall dedicated for gardening:

Arrange many small containers and dedicate them to a wall. Just install a container rack as per the measurement of your wall and place all containers on it. You can grow ornamental plants, flower, or herbs that perfectly complement your home. Instead of covering the entire wall you can use small racks as well. However, make sure that your garden receives abundant sunlight.
vertical garden

2. Use stand-alone wall:

Use hex wire netting to hang multiple pots on it. You can do it outside your home, that will not occupy much space, and the plants will receive a good amount of sunlight. Use Terra-cotta pots to increase growing potential. Read more about vertical garden designs.
Hex wire netting to hang multiple pots on living wall

3. Use old dresser:

If you have an old dresser, don’t throw it; rather you can utilize it for gardening. Find a space for your dresser where sunlight appears. Fill soil in the drawers and let plants give a cascading appearance out of those drawers.
vertical vegetable & flower garden in wooden drawers

4. PVC pipes at fencing area:

Broad PVC pipes can be used to grow plants. It looks like hydroponics, but you can fill soil and give a distinct direction to the pipes nailed on those fences or walls outside your home. Read more on how to build stunning garden border fence.
Green wall with vegetable garden

5. Hanging Planters:

Use wooden planks to hang pots onto the wall. Check trending DIY ideas to explore fantastic, space-saving hanging planters.
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hanging garden ideas with wooden block

6. Recycled bottles:

Check your trash and use all those soda and coke bottles that you can cut and hang for gardening. Small creeping plants can be grown in those bottles. Learn about how to grow plants in bottles.
recycled bottles garden

7. Trays:

Create flat tray effect with rectangular plastic or wooden trays that are divided into planting cells. Tilt the cells at an angle of 30-degree and create holes at the bottoms for drainage and air circulation. Each tray includes a bracket for mounting and a finishing touch with wooden frame makes your garden complete.
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Flower pots hanging on wooden tray
Quick tip: Imagine a lushly white wall with fresh green herbs on it. You can add fresh and nutrition-rich herbs to enhance your recipe. A vertical garden can make it happen.
Do you already have a vertical garden? Post the pictures in the comments section below.