Bathroom Plants

Bathroom Plants

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Have you ever thought of adding plants to your bathroom? If not, then rethink. You can bank on the low light and humidity in your bathroom to grow tropical trees. They would not just look great but would also purify the air of your refreshment zone. You could easily place the plants by your windowsill and add the green hue.
bathroom plants
We have come with a cumulative list of plants for your bathroom. Do plant these and let us know how your space looks like after the green makeover.

1. Bamboo - This is a fast growing plant and comes in various shapes and sizes. Initially, you can place it on the window sill, and later you need to keep it on the floor as it grows tall.
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2. Snake Plant - It is also known as mother-in-law’s tongue. Extremely low maintenance in nature it filters out formaldehyde that is present in tissue papers and many toilet cleaning products.
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3. Boston fern - This plant would look fantastic in your bathroom. Lush green in nature it needs a minimal amount of sunlight and moist soil.
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4. Dracaena - These miniature palm trees thrive well in low light and low water. They are also known to purify the air and will make your bathroom look flawless and fresh.
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5. Spider plant - This airplace plant is a flowering perennial herb. It is also referred to as Chlorophytum comosum.
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6. Orchid - Orchids make for a stunning addition to your bathroom. They need ample of water but thrive well in humidity and little sunlight. Do not forget to add fertilizers to these as well.
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7. Ferns - Soak in your tub with these happy bathroom companions. They grow well in the humid environment and have the magical ability to purify the air.
plants for bathroom, air purifying plants
8. Ivy - These are one of the easiest houseplants to grow. Let their roots detangle in your bathroom for that artistic effect.
bathroom plants, plants for home
9. Aloe Vera - These are highly adaptable and are available in various shapes, sizes, textures, and patterns. They make for an incredible addition to a small space.
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10. Peace Lily  - These lovely flowers come with amazing air purifying qualities. Its lovely flowers are breathtakingly beautiful and spice up any dull space.
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