10 Flowers to Celebrate 10 days of Ganesh festival

10 Flowers to Celebrate 10 days of Ganesh festival

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Indian festivals are aligned with the seasonal changes and climatic conditions of the country. Ganesh festival is the time when lots of monsoon flowering plants are at the best of their blooms.
ganapati puja

As Ganeshji resides with us for 10 days, following are 10 different flowers that can be offered to Ganpati Bappa every day:

1. Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis (The shoe flower):

This plant is a perennial shrub that blooms throughout the year. It is one of the most commonly grown plants in the Indian gardens. The single, red flowered Hibiscus variety is usually offered to Lord Ganesha, in fact, Hibiscus is said to be the most favourite flower of Lord Ganesha. This flower is recommended to be used for all ten days of the festival.
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hibiscus rosa sinensis

2. Impatiens balsamina (Balsam):

The plant is an annual herb. Balsams are known to grow very well during the monsoon season. In India, the wild balsam with pink flowers grows naturally along the roadside and agricultural fields. These wildflowers are available exactly around Ganesh festival. Garden variety Balsam can also be offered in Ganesh Puja.
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balsam plant

3. Curcuma pseudomontana (Hill turmeric):

This is a wild Indian plant that flowers during monsoon season. The plant is a tuberous, erect herb that is used in various medicines. The flowering inflorescence has a unique appearance. The large, conspicuous flowers are collected from forest edges by villagers during Ganesh festival.
curcuma plant

4. Gloriosa superba (Glory lily):

Another wild Indian plant that grows naturally in monsoon and flowers profusely during Ganesh festival. Glory Lily is a most unusual and splendid flower, which is a sight to behold. As the blossom matures, the petals elongate and wrinkle and gradually arch backwards while sequencing through a spectrum of colors from green to yellow to scarlet. The plant is an extreme medicinal climber.
Note: In Maharashtra, both Hill turmeric and glory lily are offered during Gauri puja.
Fire lily, gloriosa lily, flame lily, climbing lily, creeping lily, glory lily

5. Michelia champaca (Golden Champa):

It is a medium sized tree with long leaves showcasing wavy margins that resemble Mango leaves. The flowers are golden, highly scented and silky. It is planted along avenues and in parks and compounds. The tree blooms during monsoon season and flowers are easily available in every Indian flower market. 
Champaca, Champa, Orange Chempaka, Golden Champa, Sony Champa (Michelia champaca Linn.)

6. Nyctanthes arbor-tristis (Parijat):

This is one of the most significant plants in the Indian history and mythology, with references in the Mahabharata. The plant is a tall shrub or a small tree. Jasmine like flowers are incredibly fragrant. Flowers have white petals with an orange base. Flowers bloom in early morning and fall on the ground in clusters creating a spectacular carpet.
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parijat flower

7. Punica granatum (Pomegranate flower):

This garden plant is called as ornamental pomegranate and is grown mainly for its flowers rather than fruits. It is fairly tall and bushy and features double red flowers borne on erect branches. These flowers are available in rainy season, and are offered to Lord Ganesha as an alternative to Hibiscus. You may like to buy varieties of flower seeds online.
pomegranate tree flower

8. Mimusops elengi (Maulsari/bakul):

It is an evergreen, medium sized spherical tree. The tree is most irresistible for its fragrant, tiny, cream colored, delicate flowers that make beautiful hair-bands and garlands. Countless flowers drop under the tree. It blooms profusely during Ganesh festival.
mimusops elengi

9. Pandanus odoratissimus (Ketaki):

This plant grows wild in patches at the edges of farmlands, shrubs and beaches. Leaves are large, strap like leathery, long, spirally arranged, spiny at the margin. The plant becomes a tree about 18 m tall with age and bears highly scented flowers much cherished and valued by Hindu women. During Ganesh festival, these flowers are available in Indian flower markets.
ketaki flower

10. Chrysanthemum sp.:

So many different varieties of annual and perennial Chrysanthemum are available in Indian flower markets. The monsoon flowering varieties are used during the Ganesh festival. There is hardly any other garden flower that has such diverse and beautiful range of colors, shapes, and height.
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chrysanthemum flower
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Ganpati Bappa Morya!!