10 Ways to Make the Best Out of Waste for Your Garden

10 Ways to Make the Best Out of Waste for Your Garden

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As gardeners, we’re often forced to rely on our ingenuity and creativity to make the best of a situation and ensure that we are always trying something new with the garden. But, at times, we don’t have the resources at hand to make the garden look like or develop into what we want. However, we may have more things at hand than we figure.
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What’s that one resource that we keep making more and more of every day?
It’s waste! Whether that’s organic or recyclable or wet waste, we often throw it away without a second thought. Why? Because that’s easier than leaving it lying about, thinking that we’ll make better use of it somewhere around the house.
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But, that waste can be a real asset in the garden, if only we think a bit out of the box. So, wondering how you can do more with the waste?

Here are some ideas to help you start thinking on creativity in waste material:

1. Fish Bowls for Mini Garden:

Have old spherical fish bowls lying around the house? Well, you can’t use them as utensils, but you can use them as mini-gardens to provide some novelty to your green space. This is a relatively easy fix that can be applied to most old, decorative bowls lying around. Just turn them into table top gardens. You can check how to create your own terrariums.
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2. Plastic Bottles as Planters:

Another thing that’s usually in surplus is the humble plastic water bottle; there must be numerous bottles at every home. Instead of just throwing them out like always, why not cut them up and use them as planters? You can even hang them up, paint them, carve into them and get creative! Learn about how to grow plants in bottles.
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3. Curtain Frills for Decorating Clay Pots:

Surely, there can’t be many uses for old curtains or table cloths except to be used as dusting cloths. How about cutting up the frilly curtains in unique patterns and sticking them around your clay planters. This way of decorating is pretty novel and would stand out in any garden. Buy decorative pots online.
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4. Bird Cages for an Artistic Touch:

When you think about it, old birdcages can add quite an artistic touch to a garden. They are not very difficult to find, don’t cost too much and come in a variety of designs and colours. Convert them into a tiny habitat of their own, grow colourful flowers and hang them around the garden.
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5. Coca Cola Bottle for Succulents:

Did you know that old coca cola bottles make excellent planters for succulents? All you need to do is cut them up in half, get the right soil and water and transplant your succulent. You can hang these on the fence for added effect. Buy Cactii & Succulents Online.
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6. Old Furniture as Planter:

Finally, if you have a lot of old furniture that is just collecting dust, then it’s time to move it into your garage and turn it into a giant pot for your plants. There are few uses of antiques that are more unique. Read about creative ideas for indoor gardening.
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So, these ideas should get you started on making the best out of your waste. Take a look at ugaoo.com if you need supplies to bring your creativity to life!