8 Creative Ways to Plant Succulents

8 Creative Ways to Plant Succulents

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The trend for planting succulents in the garden and placing them around the home started not too long ago. But now, it is one of the trendiest and most creative things that you can do! You can decorate your living room and bedrooms with miniature succulents that freshen up the surroundings and also plant them in innovative ways in your garden.
miniature garden plants
Because these plants are so small and also hardy in nature, there are many creative ways of using them to brighten up empty spaces and dead corners. They come in a variety of colours so you can also work to a theme if that is what you want. Learn how to grow succulents successfully.
But first, some ideas to get those juices flowing!

1) Mini terrariums:

These have taken interior decorating by storm because few things are prettier than a miniature glass garden located somewhere in your room. It'll give you some greenery, and you can play with decorating the glass for an added effect. Learn to create your own terrarium.
Mini garden in terrarium

2) Succulents in China Plates:

Old China plates seldom get used and are found lying at the bottom of the drawers. With this idea, you can pull out some china pots and bowls and use them to house your succulents elegantly. Buy cacti & succulents online in India.

succulents in containers Image Source: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com[/caption]

3) Living wall/wall garden:

Take your creativity to the walls by using either a picture frame or any other border as the base for your succulents. This adds a real element of surprise to your décor.
mini succulents wall

4) Succulent steps:

In the quest for elevation, having small wooden crates arranged like steps is another good way of doing something different. You can also attach it to your garden's fence if you are looking to make use of limited space.
Potted succulents on steps

5) Succulent in a bottle:

You may have seen ships in a bottle, but this is something else entirely! You can carve open one side of a glass bottle (be careful!), fill it with some potting soil and then transplant your succulents. Read to know how to grow plants in bottles.
hanging plants ideas

6) Planting in birdcages:

Found a beautiful looking birdcage at a second-hand store but haven't gotten around to getting the birds themselves? Why not use the birdcage to hang up your succulents instead?
Potted succulent in birdcage

7) Succulents in a wreath:

Wreaths are popular decorations for doors and fences and can be quite colourful if made creatively. Because succulents are quite hardy and strong, they can actually be shaped into a wreath which you can hang on your door.
succulents in wreath

8) Succulents in toys:

Who doesn't have old toy cars lying about in the house? You could hollow out the insides, carve a hole and the top and presto! You have a new and unique way of displaying your succulents. Read about different types of containers.
Succulents in red cake mold
The good thing about succulents is that they are very moldable and usable creatively. Once you get started, just don't stop innovating!.
Good luck!