Bring these 9 Colors of Navratri Flowers in Your Garden

Bring these 9 Colors of Navratri Flowers in Your Garden

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Do you wish to Bring these Nine Colors of Navratri in Your Garden? We will tell you how.
Navratri - The nine-day long festival is full of fun and fervor. All the carousel is incomplete without the nine colors that are dedicated to Goddess Durga's nine forms Shailputri, Brahmacharini, Skanda Mata, Chandraghanta, Kushmanda, Katyayani, Maha Gauri, Kaalratri, and Siddhidatri.
Colorful Floral Rangoli
In lieu with this culture of celebrating nine forms with nine colors, devotees all around the country adorn the specific colored outfits on the specific day of Navratri for all nine days as announced for that particular year. The crowd turns monochromatic, and the unity is seen on the streets, local trains, buses, and offices.
Why confine this trend to clothes only? Let's take it even further, and paint the garden with nine flowers of 9 different colors, and offer them to Goddess Durga on the respective days.

Celebrate Navratri with these 9 Color Flowers:

Day 1: Yellow

Flower name: Allamanda
Where to find: Local gardens
Allamanda is loved for its bright green, attractive foliage and shiny yellow trumpet shaped flowers, that are produced in profusion over a long period during summer and the rains. The plant is of a semi-climbing and semi shrub nature. Usually, it is planted near arches, pergolas or pillars. Read about types of plant supports.
Allamanda Flower

Day 2: Green

Flower name: Hari Champa (Artabotrys)
Where to find: Public garden
A large woody climber or half scandent shrub. Hari chapa is probably the most attractive green colored flowers. The flowers appear in clusters and exude a strong aroma. The plant flowers almost throughout the year but more during the summer and the rains.
beautiful fragrance artabotrys flower on tree

Day 3: Grey

Plant name: Sage
Where to find: Kitchen/Herb garden
There are no gray colored flowers to offer. However, there are many plants that produce grayish-green leaves. Sage is one such kitchen herb that produces gray foliage. It is a beautiful aromatic plant that can be grown in pots.
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sage herb

Day 4: Orange

Flower name: The Cosmos
Where to find: Roadside wilderness, flower beds.
The Cosmos is a well known flowering plant. It is commonly grown in annual flower beds. The Cosmos grows in a variety of colors, but the orange variety is common. In India, you can find orange cosmos flowers growing along the highways like a wild plant in late monsoon.
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cosmos flower

Day 5: White

Flower name: Mogra (Jasminum sambac)
Where to find: Home gardens, Local flower market.
Mogra is one the most commonly grown plants in India. It bears single or double fragrant flowers in the summer and flushes throughout the rain. It can be trained as a semi climber.
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jasmine plant

Day 6: Red

Flower name: Rose
Where to find: Most gardens, flower market.
A well maintained rose plant can give you flowers throughout the year. There has to be a plant of red rose in every home garden either grown in a pot or on the ground. You can learn everything about roses in our series of blogs about the ‘world of roses,' ‘essential tips on growing roses' and ‘Propagation of roses by budding'

Red rose

Day 7: Royal blue

Flower name: Krishna Kamal (Passiflora)
Where to find: Local garden, some flower markets.
It is commonly known as the passion flower. An evergreen climber favoured for its green, soft sweet scented flowers. Flowers are unusually and delicately beautiful. The numerous colorful filaments over the petals like rays and on the top sitting majestically are five anthers.
passion flower

Day 8: Pink

Flower name: Lotus
Where to find: Muddy ponds, flower market.
Lotus is available in plenty at this time of the year. It is most valued and sacred flower in India. Lotus is associated with goddess Lakshmi. You can grow lotus in small outdoor freshwater ponds along with waterlilies and other aquatic plants.
pink lotus

Day 9:  Purple

Flower name: Aster (Callistephus chinensis)
Where to find: flower market
China aster is one of the most valuable garden flowers available in shades of blue-purple-violet. It is widely cultivated in many parts of India all the year around. The cut Aster flowers last long in water. It is grown for bedding and potting.
aster flower
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Happy Navratri!