The Magical Bonsai Trees

The Magical Bonsai Trees

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Wish to recreate the splendor of foliage from the wild? Go Bonsai! Yes. Small containers with the Bonsai Trees are artistic and visually enticing. The word bonsai is derived from the Japanese words bon; that means tray, and sai, that means tree. Hence planting  Bonsai Trees means the art of planting miniature trees in a tray.
Bonsai Trees were originated in Japan, but similar traditions are exhibited as the art of Penjing in China and hon-non-bo in Vietnam.
Styles of Bonsai include:
●    Informal upright
●    Formal upright
●    Cascade
●    Literati
●    Semi-cascade
●    Raft bonsais
All of these range considerably in size from miniature, small, medium and large. Both floral and fruit trees can also be used. Bonsai Trees are available in a wide variety and can look stunning indoors too.
Different Types of Bonsai:
Juniper - This is the most traditional form of Bonsai It gained prominence after it was featured in ‘The Karate Kid’ and henceforth it began to be known as the  "The Karate Kid" bonsai. Its look resembles the miniature form of an age-old tree.

Azalea- It is one of the most beautiful and well known flowering bonsai.

Bougainvillea - It is one of the best types of flowering bonsai trees. It is also one of the most convenient tropicals to grow.

The Chinese Elms - Beginners, love these as they can be grown easily and do not require enormous care and attention. These can be very easily pruned.

Fukien Tea - These are available in two varieties. Both the varieties commonly have small and glossy leaves are woody, branch easily, and bloom periodically throughout the year. The smaller leaf variety develops a trunk slowly but bears tiny red fruit prolifically.

Hornbeam - This stunning Bonsai is available in numerous varieties and is the most treasured by plant lovers too.
Jaboticaba -  These make for graceful, fruiting bonsai trees and are an excellent indoor subject. Its exotic flowers and fruit grow directly on the trunk and thick branches!
Ficus or figs - These canopy style Bonsai are loved through the tropical areas worldwide.
Boxwood Bonsai - This broad-leaf evergreen shrub comes with hardwood and is highly efficient for carving.