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Indoor gardening is also known as container gardening in the plant world as all plants are grown in containers or planters. Hence, having a good planter becomes just as important as having a good quality plant or seed. Ugaoo is one of the most trusted and loved places to buy plant pots online. We not only guarantee quality and variety but also safe home delivery to your doorstep.

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Churi Ceramic Pot (3 Inch Diameter)

₹300 ₹225(25% OFF)

Honeycomb Ceramic Pot (4 Inch Width)

₹399 ₹249(38% OFF)

Apple Ceramic Pot (3.8 Inch Diameter)

₹399 ₹249(38% OFF)

Nursery plant poly bag (Pack of 100 Bags) - 4 in x 6 in (DIA x H)

₹399 ₹249(38% OFF)

Reusable 104 Holes Seedling Tray (Set of 3)

₹345 ₹295(14% OFF)

Square Ceramic Pot (3.5 Inch Width)

₹399 ₹299(25% OFF)

Star Ceramic Pot (4.2 Inch Width)

₹399 ₹299(25% OFF)

Nursery plant poly bag (Pack of 100 Bags) - 5 in x 7 in (DIA x H)

₹399 ₹299(25% OFF)

Melon Ceramic Pot (3.6 Inch Diameter)

₹499 ₹349(30% OFF)

Nursery plant poly bag (Pack of 10 Bags)- 19 in x 16 in (DIA x H)

₹499 ₹349(30% OFF)

Nursery plant poly bag (Pack of 100 Bags) - 6 in x 8 in (DIA x H)

₹499 ₹349(30% OFF)

Jute Grow Bag Set of 5 - (5 in x 5 in)

₹499 ₹399(20% OFF)

Square Rose Blue Ceramic Pot (3.5 Inch Width)

₹599 ₹399(33% OFF)

Macrame Single Layer Hanger

₹599 ₹399(33% OFF)

Natures Hum 604XS Ceramic Pot (5 Inch Diameter)


Pipe Ceramic Pot (3.8 Inch Diameter)

₹599 ₹399(33% OFF)

Ugaoo Krish Self Watering Planter (4 inch) - Set of 5

₹599 ₹399(33% OFF)

Watermelon Ceramic Planter (5.5 Inch Width)

₹599 ₹399(33% OFF)

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Buy Pots and Planters Online in India

The right container supports healthy plants and also makes your garden look beautiful. Ugaoo planters are made of premium grade material that lasts for years both in outdoor and indoor gardens, making it the best place to buy garden pots online. All our plant containers are designed with drainage holes to support plant growth and the shapes of Ugaoo pots are made to facilitate potting and repotting. Ugaoo planters are well loved for their quality and functionality.
With container gardening now becoming a rage, it is easy to understand why planters have become a crowd favorite. Planters come in all shapes and sizes and Ugaoo has an extensive collection of trendy planters in a variety of shapes and colors for all sizes of indoor plants. Ugaoo sells trendy ceramic planters, premium metal planters, and earthy planters in a natural material like bamboo, cane, as well as plastic planters for outdoor gardens. Our metallic planters are trendy and chic and add to the beauty of your indoor plants. We also have a wide range of both tabletop and floor planters, as well as hanging planters.
Ugaoo is a one-stop-shop to buy the best pots for plants online in India at the best prices with home delivery. Our self-watering planters online are the best in the market and keep your plants healthy. Explore our entire range of best quality plastic pots, ceramic planters, metallic planters, concrete planters at at the best prices in India.
We Deliver Plants Online to Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and many more cities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which pots are best for plants?

There are various kinds of online pots for plants. Out of them, the most suitable pots are made from ceramic or natural elements like mud and bamboo. These pots allow the plant roots to breathe and help with the drainage of excess water. However, they need to be watered frequently as the loss of water is also higher. Plastic pots on the other hand are simple to manage and light to carry.

What is the difference between pots and planters?

Pots online are traditionally used to grow a single plant. They are used indoors and are small in size. A Planter is an outdoor item that contains many plants and comes in irregular shapes and sizes

What plants are good for pots all year round?

Small species of plants and shrubs with resilient properties are good for gardening pots online. Some of them include the Rubella shrub, Patio standards, Agapanthus, and many such plants. These plants do not grow beyond a certain size and hence, do not need repotting.

Do I need to put rocks in the bottom of a planter?

It was believed to have an elevated base to allow the water to drain out. However, this is an unhealthy practice as it leads to water pooling. Hence, you should avoid following this method of planting.

When do I repot my plant?

You have to repot the plant into the bigger pots for plants depending on the growth of the plant. Look out for the signs like roots growing through the drainage hole at the bottom of the planter or roots are pushing the plants up, out of the pots. Also in case if the plant is extremely heavy on top and falls on easily. Even when the plant dried out more quickly than usual and require more frequent watering.

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