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Hanging Pots

Love having plants but fall short on ground space? Don’t worry! Hanging pots are your solution. They are efficient in adding colour to decks and porches – without the fuss of digging, weeding, and insect infestation. Hanging planters come in a variety of designs and you can install them in your homes in various ways. They avoid space clutter, and also impart your home a boho urban look.

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Macrame Single Layer Hanger


Macrame Three Layer Hanger


Macrame Two Layer Hanger


Hanging Pyramids Planter


Cylindrical Ceramic Pot With Plate (5.5 Inch Diameter)

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Tivoli Hanging Planter

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Hanging Funnel Planter

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Stygian Hanging Planter

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Buy Hanging Pots for Hanging Plants Online India

These containers can be suspended from garden centre to home hook with complete ease, making them a popular choice both for young gardeners to DIY gardens and gardening experts looking for an easy, ready-made, splash of colour. Not only this, hanging pots online eliminate weeding, keep insects and trouble makers away. All you need to do is water your plants in hanging baskets regularly and add fertilizers regularly. Buy your favourite hanging pot from and let your garden revel in colours and fragrance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do hanging pots need drainage holes?

Ideally, all hanging baskets online need drainage holes so that the plants can grow easily. Some of them come with a drainage system, otherwise, you should manually make holes in them. Use such pots on your porch to avoid creating a mess inside the house.

How do you hang plastic pots?

There are several creative ways you can use ropes and chains to hang these botanical beauties. You can start simply by tying a rope around your pot and creating a covering and then hanging it onto your hook in the ceiling. You can come up with various designs to use the rope or twine and also paint on it to showcase your creativity. Look out for some cute DIYs on hanging pots for plants.

What plants can grow in pots without drainage holes?

It is better if your hanging planters online do not have drainage holes, to avoid leading to a mess. This way, you even hang them in your living rooms. Various plants like Snake plants, Oleander plant, Chinese Evergreen, and Ferns like Kupukupu. You can also opt among flowering plants like Petunia, Fuschia, Portulaca, Begonia and Sweet alyssum.

How often should you water hanging baskets?

Like most plants, you should ideally water hanging baskets once a day, if the soil is dry to the touch. On hot and sunny days, you can water them twice or thrice, depending on the plant’s need. Make sure that you put enough water to completely soak the soil but not make it overdrip.

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