Corporate Order Processor

Full Time | On-Site | Posted on 26th June

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  • Responsible for order processing through online portals.
  • Manage shipment labels and corresponding invoices to attach correctly with shipments.
  • Maintain daily MIS reports in Excel for orders posted on the same day.
  • Provide MIS reports and Inventory reports to the management team via email for shipments sent on the same day.
  • Plan and allocate inventory as per consumption periodically and fulfill inventory requirements as necessary.
  • Manage returns on the online E-commerce portal and communicate with respective E-commerce business associates for any discrepancies.
  • Record returns by raising Credit Notes for the returned materials received in the warehouse.
  • Coordinate with courier partners for timely pickup of shipments.
  • Raise online tickets for claims if materials are received damaged or incorrect.
  • Maintain separate data of Orders, Returns, and Claims along with filling paperwork.
  • Coordinate with the E-Commerce business team of the company for smooth operations and proper communication to avoid discrepancies.

Education and/or Experience:

Bachelor’s degree with 2-3 years of experience and a good understanding of order processing through marketplaces.

If you love plants, the world of e-commerce, and super-passionate teams, we may be just the right fit for you. Side note – your home will look great once you join us.