Shopify Front End Developer

Full Time | On-Site | Pune | Posted on 29th April

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About us:

We are a young dynamic team obsessed with the world of gardening and taking it to people. As a top emerging brand fuelling India’s new-found love for gardening, we are invested in being the best aid to existing gardeners as well as the newbies who step into this world every single day.

We owe our success to a team of people who care about each part of the process – from horticultural experts to customer delight. Our inclusive environment inspires our tribe to do better, experiment more, collaborate, and feel more encouraged to share their ideas. As we continue to grow rapidly, we’re always on the lookout for problem-solving & big thinkers to come aboard!


  • Requirement Analysis: Collaborate closely with the business, growth & marketing team to thoroughly understand project requirements, specifications, and objectives.
  • Web Application Development: Utilize React.js, HTML, and CSS to contribute to the development of user-friendly web applications, ensuring high-quality output aligned with project goals.
  • Responsive Design Implementation: Apply responsive web design principles proficiently to ensure seamless performance across various devices and screen sizes, enhancing user experience.
  • API Integration: Integrate RESTful APIs seamlessly to retrieve and display dynamic data on web pages, maintaining data consistency and reliability.
  • Code Quality Assurance: Write clean, efficient, and maintainable code while strictly adhering to coding standards and best practices, promoting code readability and ease of maintenance.
  • UI/UX Implementation: Collaborate closely with designers to translate UI/UX designs into functional interfaces, ensuring a visually appealing and intuitive user experience.
  • Testing and Debugging: Conduct comprehensive testing of web applications to identify and rectify any bugs, errors, or issues, ensuring the delivery of high-quality, error-free products.
  • Performance Optimization: Assist in optimizing the performance and scalability of web applications, employing efficient coding techniques and performance tuning strategies.
  • Continuous Learning and Development: Stay abreast of the latest trends, technologies, and advancements in web development, particularly within the React.js ecosystem, and incorporate relevant updates into projects to enhance product quality and innovation.


  • Minimum Experience: At least 2 years of hands-on technical development experience with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and React JS.
  • Industry Experience: Experience working with product-based companies is required. Experience working in a startup environment is a plus.
  • Technical Proficiency: Solid understanding of HTML, CSS, TypeScript, and JavaScript is a must.
  • Familiarity with React.js and its core principles is preferred. Experience working with RESTful APIs to fetch and manipulate data.
  • Web Development Skills: Knowledge of responsive web design principles and mobile-first development approaches.
  • Problem-Solving Abilities: Strong problem-solving skills with attention to detail.
  • Team Collaboration: Ability to work both independently and collaboratively within a team environment.
  • Preferred Technologies: Experience in working with Mongo, Node.js, and AWS is preferred. Experience with Shopify apps and Node.js is a plus.
  • Communication Skills: Good communication and interpersonal skills to effectively collaborate with team members and stakeholders.
  • Passion for Development: Enthusiasm for learning and a genuine passion for web development.

If you love plants, the world of e-commerce and super-passionate teams, we may be just the right fit for you. Side note – your home will look great once you join us