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Ratol Zinc Phospide - 10gm (Set Of 3)

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Description For Ratol Zinc Phospide - 10gm (Set Of 3)

Zine Phosphide is a powerful rodenticide that is lethal to rats, mice and bandicoots and is mixed with food items such as bread, cheese, rice etc to tempt rodents. It has a wide range of uses in your home, garden or farm. This powder rodenticide is applied by mixing 10 grams with 100 grams of selected food item and placed over the infested areas. Upon eating, the rodent is poisoned and death occurs within a few days.


Technical Content Zinc Phosphide
Dosage 10 grams Bait in 100 g Food
Application Type Rodent Trap


Product Weight 18 g
Product Width 8.5 cm
Product Height 13 cm
Product Depth 8.5 cm


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