Benefits of Using Watering Cans

A Gardener's Best Friends: What Are the Benefits of Using Watering Cans?

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Magicians. Gardeners are essentially magicians, growing a whole new world with a hint of undying love. Their gardens become worlds of their own, giving birth to new life and creating life where there wasn't any previously. But how do they make such magic happen?

Well, a little love and a little extra care goes a long way in the world of gardening. However, the right kind of love is essential because giving your plants the kind of love that they can't take is often what becomes the death of them. 

One of the ways to give the right kind of care to your plants to create a magical world with them is to water them correctly. This means remembering not to overwater or underwater them, and watering at the right time. With Ugaoo, you can also make use of a revolutionary Japanese technology that will never let your plants go thirsty every again. But well, that's a story for later! 

For now, here are a few benefits of using watering cans for plants and reasons why they are truly a gardener's best friends:


• Uses of Watering Cans in Gardening: Benefits and Advantages 

1. Precision Irrigation

Watering cans for plants offer precise control over the amount of water dispensed, ensuring each plant receives the appropriate amount without causing waterlogging or drought stress. Too much or too little water can put the plant under stress, leading to irregular or stunted growth.

2. Gentle Watering

The gentle flow from a watering can mimics rainfall, which is ideal for delicate indoor plants and seedlings. It prevents soil erosion and minimizes disturbance to the plant's roots. This is especially true for watering pots with longer nozzles that reach directly into the plant’s foliage.

3. Promotes Healthy Growth

By allowing water to reach the root zone directly and evenly, the use of a watering can promotes healthy root development and overall plant growth, leading to lush foliage and vibrant blooms.

4. Prevents Overwatering

Unlike hosepipes or sprinklers, watering cans provide better control, preventing overwatering which can lead to root rot and other moisture-related issues, especially in indoor plants. So, when tending to your indoor potted plants, you will realize that making use of watering cans is the most optimal way to about quenching your plants’ thirst!

5. Suitability for Indoor Use

Indoor watering cans are designed with smaller spouts and capacities, making them ideal for use in confined spaces and ensuring that water reaches the intended plant without splashing on furniture or floors.

6. Aesthetic Appeal

Ugaoo’s indoor watering cans come in stylish designs and vibrant colors, adding a decorative touch to your home while serving a practical purpose. They can complement your indoor decor and become a part of your plant display. So, if you’re looking for functional home décor pieces, our metal watering cans specifically will be your thing!

7. Ease of Handling

Small watering cans for indoor plants are lightweight and easy to handle, even for beginners or those with limited mobility. Their ergonomic design and manageable size make them user-friendly for people of all ages. Whether you’re looking for plastic or metal watering pots, their ergonomic designs and ease of use will make you want more!

8. Versatility

Whether you're watering hanging plants, potted herbs on the windowsill, or a garden bed outdoors, there's a watering can suited to every need. From compact indoor plant watering cans to larger garden watering cans, you can find the perfect tool for any watering task.

9. Reduced Water Waste

With a watering can, you can target the water precisely where it's needed, reducing runoff and evaporation compared to less controlled methods like spraying or watering with a hose. This also makes using watering cans much more eco-friendly because of its reduced wastage.


These benefits of watering cans remain the same across all plants. However, the kind of watering can that you should use will differ according to the plants you're trying to care for! So, here are a few types of watering pots suited to different kinds of plants. 


• Types of Outdoor or House Plant Watering Cans: Best Watering Cans for Indoor Plants


1. Long Nozzle Watering Cans


Ugaoo Gilt Watering Can

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Watering Cans are a wonderful way to get enough water to your plants - an idea that you must have gotten this far into the article. But there are particular types of plants that benefit from different types of cans. 

Long nozzle watering cans with nozzles that reach directly into the foliage are beneficial for the following plants:

Small potted plants, hanging plants, succulents, and plants with denser foliage. 

With these types of plants, the chances of spillage are higher and thus the longer nozzle helps with reduced spillage and water retention in all the right places.  

Ugaoo's metal watering pots with elongated nozzles are perfectly functional and also make for the best decor pieces. With their elegant designs and cozy colors, these cans can be your best friends in the garden and in terms of home decor!


2. Shower Nozzle Watering Cans


Ugaoo Premium Garden Watering Can For Plants 5 Litre

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Crafted with heavy-duty plastic and designed to be light-weight and easy to use, these shower nozzle watering cans actually imitate the rain to give a showery effect on plants during watering sessions. 

These watering cans are perfect for plants that need higher levels of humidity but also for all plants in general that reside in bigger pots.

The cans cover larger areas and are effective in getting water to large potted plants or garden plants outdoors. 

These watering cans also produce a very gentle stream of water that hits the foliage very delicately. So, here are some plants that will benefit from such watering cans:

XL Plants, Fern plants that need more humidity, garden plants, and balcony/terrace plants.


3. Pressure Sprayers and Misters

The beauty of pressure sprayers is that they need not be used only for watering or misting. Ugaoo's Pressure Sprayers are built with the highest quality plastic, designed to be durable and convenient. These sprayers also have an adjustable head that allows you to adjust the setting at which the bottle sprays. 

These spray pumps are also effective in pest control. If you're making use of liquid fertilizers for your plants, these pressure sprayers can hold these fertilizers and spray them evenly all over the plants, giving maximum reach and great results. 


Coming to another important aspect of optimal and effective watering is a new arrival and a new companion that your plants will appreciate like never before! Introducing the Ugaoo Watermeter! 


Ugaoo Sustee Watermeter


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The Watermeter uses the most advanced Japanese technology and gives you accuracy & independence while watering. Simply take one stick for one potted plant and insert it up till the "arrow" marks just go into the soil. If the indicator is blue, it means that the plant is perfectly watered. But the second it turns white, it is an indicator that your precious plant needs more water.  

The Watermeter is here to revolutionize the gardening world and become best friends with the gardener's best friend - watering cans!