Transplanting Tree Tips: Everything You Should Know

Transplanting Tree Tips: Everything You Should Know

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Sometimes, planning can go awry no matter how thorough you’ve been. This is especially the case when you’ve planted trees without quite figuring out their growing patterns.
Inevitably, you’ll find that a tree needs to be moved if it is to continue growing and thriving.
Now, undoubtedly, this can seem like an intimidating task. The wrong removal or transplantation of the tree could be fatal. And all your hard work would have been for nothing.
moving tree to other location
But don’t worry, we won’t let that happen! Transplanting trees isn’t that tricky when you know the best practices. Buy Tree Seeds Online in India.
Before we get started, here’s a bonus tip! Remember to keep calm and plan the move five steps ahead. That will help you foresee the equipment you need, the time it will take, possible problems and their solutions. Moreover, this will help you envision a successful transplantation, which is key.

Follow these below steps to transplant or relocate a tree:

1. Find the right location:

It’s obvious that once you take your tree out of the ground, then you’ll need to plant it somewhere. This means that you should already have a good location in mind for your tree.
How can you determine this? That depends on whether the plant needs more sunlight or shade, what kind of soil it prefers, how is the drainage of that particular spot and what are the other plants around that area.
Once you have this mapped out, it’s time to move on to the next step.
tree moved at right location

2. It’s time to dig a new planting hole:

Now, we need to prepare a new home for the tree. This means that once you have the location picked out, we need to dig a hole of the right width and depth.
You can do this by measuring around the base of the plant and estimating what the rootball size would be once you dig it up. The size of the transplantation hole should be twice the size of the rootball. However, the hole should be kept a little shallow to avoid the chances of the plant sinking into the ground.
Digging a hole for replanting a tree

3. Moving tree for replanting:

This is the big moment you’ve been waiting for. Measure around the base of the tree you wish to transplant and give it a berth of around three feet. Then start digging on the outside till you reach the foundation where all the roots are.
Don’t dig them up just yet! First spread a tarp near you to help you move the tree. Also, keep in mind if you need someone’s help to move the tree if it’s too heavy. You may like to read about how to repot a plant?
transplanting mature trees
Now, use your shovel to loosen the ground around the root-ball, ensuring that it stays as clumped together as possible. Slowly, lift it out, place it on the tarp and move it to the freshly dug hole.
tree transplanter

4. Completing the transplantation:

Place the tree into the new hole and replace the excavated soil back around it. Tamp the soil down so that it is firm and also water it as you do that to remove air pockets. This will ensure that the tree doesn’t move about.
Finally, form a border of soil and mulch around this so that the region retains water and also has sufficient nourishment for the tree.
Gardener replanted a tree in hole
There you go, the transplantation is complete!
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Happy Transplanting!