Importance of Humidity in Indoor Gardening

Importance of Humidity in Indoor Gardening

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Many of the houseplants in their natural habitat receive a high amount of humidity. It is impossible to maintain high humid conditions indoors because it would be uncomfortable for the inmates.
As a result, plants that require high humid conditions can face difficulty growing indoors.
But it is possible to improvise methods by which humidity can be increased to some extent in the plant vicinity.
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Following are some methods to increase humidity around houseplants:

1. Double potting method:

One such method is to put the potted plants in another empty pot that is one size larger than the former. Pack the surrounding space with moist coco coir or sphagnum moss.
Higher levels of humidity can be maintained only around the plant by this method.
Double Potting Method to increase plant humidity

2. The Pebble-gravel method:

The other method is to place the pots in a shallow waterproof metal tray containing small sized gravels or pebblesPour the water till it reaches the top layer of pebbles and maintain this level consistently.
Pots should just stand on the top of the pebbles so that even a little water does not enter. The evaporating water will sustain the humidity.
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3. The Wardian case:

A passionate indoor gardening lover can grow more moisture loving species such as Alocasias, Anthuriums, Orchids etc. in a “Wardian case” with a waterproof base.
Wardian case is nothing but a miniature glasshouse with the inside temperature controlled thermostatically. The plants may be set inside this over a tray of water for humidity.
how to create humidity for plants
DIY Wardian case:  In Indian conditions, plants can be encased in a metal or wooden frame which is covered from all sides with transparent polythene and few ventilation holes. The humid atmosphere is created in the same fashion.

Indoor gardening practices to maintain humidity:

  • In hotter days, plants can be kept moist by spraying the foliage with water or fine mist.
  • Sponging the leaves of ornamental foliage plants with water helps immensely.
  • An occasional shower bath is welcome as it also cleans the foliage thoroughly along with maintaining humidity.
  • In hill stations and during winters only lukewarm water should be used for above purpose and irrigation.
  • Useful hint to indoor gardening enthusiasts is to grow houseplants together in a group to increase humidity around them.
  • A few small glass tumblers with water can be kept around houseplants to increase humidity.
  • Many gardeners grow humidity loving small plants in closed terrariums and bottle gardens.
  • In hot and humid cities of India like Mumbai, there is no need to maintain extra moisture.
plant humidifier - spraying plants with water

Houseplants that require high humidity:

Aglaonema, Aralia, Croton, Ferns, Maranta, Philodendrons, Syngonium etc.

Houseplants that don’t require humidity:

Sansevieria, Aspidistra, Crassula, Haworthia, Sedum and other Cacti & Succulents.
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Happy gardening!