7 Advantages of Self watering Containers

7 Advantages of Self watering Containers

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Inquisitive gardeners have created inventive gardening methods and products that are not only good for us bust also beneficial for our plants. With these "7 Advantages of Self-watering Containers Every Gardener Must Know" you will explore and understand how you can save water, keep your plants moist and healthy and have a flourishing green garden all year round. We will also introduce you to the best self-watering containers that you can use in your garden and witness never seen before results.
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What are Self-watering Containers?

Self-watering containers constitute of two parts i.e. inner pot that hold both plant and soil and the outer pot that holds water. Both the containers are joined by the wick, and the water is pulled into the root ball as and when needed. These containers act as reservoirs that provide water for several days depending on the weather conditions.
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Advantages of Self-Watering Containers:

1. Saves water:

In the era of global warming, we all need to contribute cautiously towards saving the elixir of life - water. These containers are a blessing in disguise as they minimise water wastage that happens due to seepage or evaporation.

2. Offer flexi growing space:

As more and more population today lives in apartments, gardening is limited to containers, terrace, patios and windows. Self-watering containers are perfect for container gardens as they can be placed anywhere irrespective of the size and shape of the garden.

3. Offer a consistent supply of water:

As mentioned above these intelligent containers offer plants water as and when they need it. They do not allow the plants to suffer from extreme moisture fluctuations that can occur otherwise.

4. Keep the roots moisturised:

Since the water is stored in the outer chamber of the container and reaches the roots as and when needed the roots do not stunt growth and are healthy throughout the plant’s lifecycle.

5. Cut back on diseases:

Self-watering plants use capillary action to moisten the soil. Since the soil is watered directly and the leaves, stems or surface of the ground do not come in contact with the water, it prevents the plant from being affected by powdery mildew or other moulds that can prove harmful. Read to know how to take care of indoor plants.

6. Nutrients are preserved in the soil:

Over watering leads to the loss of precious soil nutrients. Since the Self-watering containers are enclosed, the nutrients do not get washed away and are preserved in the soil when compared to the one in a traditional container.

7. No weeding:

Now this is a win-win! Plastic mulch covers the soil surface and prevents the weeds from growing. Since the water is balanced, the weeds are discouraged and do not take over the plant. What more could you ask for?
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Having cited these advantages, we would also like you to browse through some of the best self-watering containers you ought to buy today itself:
  • Greena Self Watering Planter- 9 inches (White)
  • Atlantic Galaxy Self-Watering Stacking Pot - 16 inches (Black)
  • Greena Self Watering Planter- 5.3 inches (Yellow)
  • Atlantic Galaxy Self-Watering Stacking Pot - 16 inches (Yellow)
  • Greena Self Watering Planter- 9 inches (Red)
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From container gardens to window sills, to stacking on your terraces, you could use these containers to delight your plants and save water and time.
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