Tips on Taking Care of Plants When You are on Vacation

Tips on Taking Care of Plants When You are on Vacation

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You spend time and energy to ensure optimum sun rays and water to grow beautiful plants at home. However, these plants could be affected when you are on vacation.

The solution is to use gardening tips for taking care of plants when away.

1. Watering Plant

Direct and prolonged sunlight can dry up water faster. Remember to water your plants and keep them in shady areas before leaving for vacation. All indoor and outdoor potted plants should get enough water.

Generally, plants with enough water sustain a week. However, it differs from plant to plant. You can also consider the material of pots for longer water retention.

For example, Plastic or glazed ceramic pots keep soil moisture longer than terracotta pots. Consider material while buying pots for plants.



2. Use Cotton Rope for Watering Plants

You can use natural fiber or cotton rope for transferring water to maintain soil moisture in plants. 

Take a bucket, fill it with water, and a rope. 

Dip one side of the rope in a well-watered plant pot and keep the other end in the bucket full of water.

Ensure the rope touches the bottom of the container.

 The rope absorbs water from the bucket and transfers it to the soil in the pot. Your plants will get moisture and can go up to one to three weeks comfortably.

Rope as a wick is an innovative and highly effective method for taking care of plants when away on vacation.


3. Drip Method

Are you wondering how you will be taking care of plants when away? The drip method is an excellent solution to your concern. The drip method is a tried and tested watering method for plants.

Drill multiple holes in a plastic bottle, fill in water up to the brim, and place the bottle in the pots of plants.

Insert the bottle inside the soil, and water will slowly spread to provide the required moisture in the plant pot. Ensure to cover all the holes with soil.

You can go on vacation without worrying about taking care of plants when away for a week with the drip method.

4. Use Mulch for Plants

Try mulch for taking care of plants when away on vacation. It is a moisture-retaining material, that can be applied to planting beds.


Photo by: Paul Green on Unsplash


Mulch helps household plants for:

  • Reducing weeds

  • Moisture retention

  • Temperature balance and soil erosion in roots

  • Enhance the look & feel of indoor and outdoor garden area

You can trust mulch to provide hydration for more than a week while not available to take care of your favorite plants.

5. Little Greenhouse for Plants

Use eco-friendly and safe wooden stakes and keep them inside the plant pot. Take a plastic bag and cover the plant with the help of wood stakes. It should appear as a tent without touching the plants inside. 

Properly seal the plastic bag for condensation. You can create your greenhouse for indoor and outdoor plants. The greenhouse will absorb water during evaporation. It works similarly to greenhouses work on farms.

Extra water falls back on the plant soil and develops a water-recycling ecosystem. The recycled water enriches roots again, and plants stay hydrated. In this setup, taking care of the plants when away for a long time is easy.

Indoor Plant Bath

How to take care of plants that are indoors?

Taking care of plants when away on vacation is possible with this homemade solution. A bathtub or sink offers an innovative solution.

Block the sink or bathtub, then open the faucet to fill it for a couple of inches. Take one towel and soak it in the water. The fabric will absorb water.

Next, bring plants and place them on the wet towel in the bathtub or sink.

The towel will provide the required moisture when the soil in the pot dries up. Water will evaporate from the fabric. This method shows you how to take care of plants and helps to keep your plant hydrated for around one week.


How to take care of plants when you are on vacation for a longer duration?

You can deploy these techniques to water plants for a few days to a week. But what about an extended holiday, like for a month or so?

The solution is a trustworthy neighbour, a friend nearby or hiring someone for taking care of plants when away or during your absence.

Bring all plants (indoor and outdoor) to one place preferably near the entrance. Talk to your neighbour or friend to regularly water them.

You can also hire someone and instruct them for watering plants regularly or at regular intervals.

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You are all geared up to go on vacation, knowing your home garden will welcome you back with hydrated and healthy leaves. To be extra cautious, check two weeks' weather forecasts for storms, cyclonic rains, etc. Homeowners should also provide some plants makeover like trimming, slug biting, cutting dead ends, etc.

Do you still have concerns about taking care of plants when away? Consult plant experts at provides an extensive collection of plants to beautify your household garden. Explore their plant varieties and source plant care essentials. You can also check available planters and blog sections for vital tips about taking care of plants when you are away.


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