The miracles of vinegar in your garden

The miracles of vinegar in your garden

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While there may be many gardening care products available in the market, and they all have quite a few benefits, sometimes all you need is something natural. If you have some vinegar lying about in your fridge or your cupboard, then you can use it for many beneficial reasons for your garden.
Vinegar like a swiss army knife can be put to myriad uses. You won't need to store a multitude of products to nurture, protect and maintain your garden because vinegar can do that for you. Wondering what these miracles of vinegar are? Well then, read on and take a look!

1)Weed control:

Those pesky weeds have the ability to irritate even the best of gardeners, but then we can't use too many artificial pesticides on them either. Pure white vinegar, on the other hand, does the job of ridding your garden of the small weeds you find at the corners and the borders. Know more about types of garden weeds.
organic weed killer

2) Stop the ants:

Ant infestations can be as tricky to manage as they are damaging. But if you take a solution that is equal parts water and vinegar and then spray it on the anthill, then the ants will stay away. You may like to read about natural pest control methods.
leaves densely covered with scale insects

3) Clean the clay pots:

Though the clay pots are a perfect home for our plants, the problem is that they don't age well. The various salts and minerals from the additives that we use start turning them white and crusty. But cleaning them with vinegar will get them shining like bright and new!
vinegar uses for cleaning clay pot

4) Cater to the particular needs of plants:

Some plants like azaleas, gardenias and rhododendrons flourish more in slightly acidic conditions. If you add vinegar and water mixture to these plants, then you'll see them grow at a faster rate.
insect spray for plants 

5) Get the rust out of your garden equipment:

All metal tools rust over time which can make them tough to use. But if you're not in the mood to rush to the store to get some new shears, then just spray your tools with undiluted vinegar, leave them for 30 minutes and then rinse them. The rust will be gone!
natural apple cider vinegar

6) Preserve your cut flowers:

It feels lovely when you can bring some of your hard work in the garden into your home like the flowers you've grown. And if you want them to last for a longer duration, then add some vinegar to prolong their life.
distilled white vinegar

7) Ridding the garden of slugs and snails:

These two pests can be a bit difficult to kill if you don't know what you're doing. But if you spray them and the infested area with vinegar, the problem will disappear much faster than any remedy you've tried before. Read about Types of garden insects.
snail on green leaf

8) A natural fungicide:

It is pretty scary when you come across fungus on your plants but worry not! Just take two tsp of vinegar and mix it in brewed chamomile tea and spray the affected area. An organic way to keep your plants healthy. Check different types of pests that can attack your plants.
natural insect repellent for garden
These are only some of the ways that vinegar makes our life easier. Which one is your favourite?