10 Night Flowering Plants

10 Night Flowering Plants

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Flowers add to the beauty of any place. They are not only pretty to look at but also offer a soothing fragrance in the area. If you have an indoor garden, you will like this article about flowering plants that bloom only at night.

So, do you have such night-blooming flowering plants? If your answer is no, this article is for you. A garden with flowers is a sight to behold. It adds a good fragrance to the atmosphere. Not to forget, flowering plants cheer you up.

Night-blooming flowers are an essential part of every garden. Let us have a look at 10 flowers that only bloom at night. The below-mentioned flowers are at-home gardens. They are pleasing to watch and add a sweet fragrance to the air.


Our Top 10 Night Flowering Plants

1.      Kalanchoe Plant - Red



 These flowering plants are the ideal ones to keep at home. They are slow-growing plants that take at least 2-5 years to reach a mature size. These flowering plants can grow in arid environments. Also, they are easy to care for. Consider buying Kalanchoe Plant from India's top gardening store Ugaoo. 

2.      Twisted Hoya

Photo by: Yara on Unsplash


Get home these pretty-looking flowering plants. Also known as the Hindi Rope Hoya, this plant is suitable for beginners. It has a unique shape and color. The leaves of the plant are glossy and semi-succulent. Every leaf in the plant folds in half and curls back in bulges and waves. You will find that every plant has a different structure.


3.      Peace Lily Plant



There are several flowering plants, but this one beats all. Known for being an easy-to-grow indoor plant, it is ideal for home spaces. The best part about this plant is that it works as an air purifier too. These are a good choice for low-light spaces. Here is the link to buy the peace lily plant.


4.     Anthurium Red Plant



The anthurium plant signifies hospitality with its heart-shaped flowers. These flowering plants require indirect sunlight. Make sure not to place them near a window as direct sunlight can damage the leaves and flowers. It is a plant that requires high humidity. Check out this link to purchase Anthurium plant online.


5.      Aechmea Fasciata Plant



The next night-blooming flowers on our list are Aechmea Fasciata Plant. It is a flower with a beautiful fragrance. The beautiful flower is available in a variety of colors. Keep this plant in a bright and warm spot. It is a plant that does not like direct sunlight. At the same time, it likes humidity.


6.      Bird of Paradise Plant



Say hello to these nocturnal beautiful flowers. Commonly known as the crane, these flowering plants are native to South Africa. It is a great idea to grow these plants as indoor houseplants. Get home these flower plants online at Ugaoo. Buy Bird of Paradise plant.


7.      White Orchid


white orchid


 These flowering plants are the next best indoor plants. It requires bright indirect sunlight. Also, you only need to water the plant once every 1-2 weeks. If you have pets at home, worry not. Because these flowering plants are pet-friendly. Check out these white orchid plants here.


8.      Christmas Cactus



Trust us, you will fall in love with the beauty of this Christmas Cactus plant! This indoor houseplant blooms indoors during the winter. It has a magical appearance against a dark background. These flowering plants are easy to maintain and care for. This is a must-have flower in your home garden.


9.      Poinsettia Plant


These particular night-blooming flowers need no introduction. The majestic red flowers look magnificent when it blooms during the night. These flowering plants are one of the most famous houseplants during the Christmas season. The flower has a feminine fragrance to it. Buy Poinsettia Plant online.

10.  Ixora (Rugmini) Plant



Add a beautiful delight to your gardens with this beautiful flower. Ixora (Rugmini) Plant gives out a powerful fragrance at midnight. It has elegant yellow shades. The best part about these flowers is that they are easy to grow. Also, they can thrive in a variety of soil situations. Visit the official website of Ugaoo to get your desirable flowers.


Bring Home Magic with Plants

Do you love gardens, plants, and flowers? Then Ugaoo is your ideal place to be. The website has a wide range of gardening supplies for every home. The top 10-night blooming flowers are suitable for your indoor garden. They are easy to grow and look after!


If you are a plant lover, you are highly suggested to add pretty flowering plants to your home. The magic of flowers is unexplainable. The warmth, beauty, and fragrance only enhance the place's charm. So, what are you waiting for? Buy Now! Head over to the official website of Ugaoo and shop for the best flowers!


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