Best Variegated Indoor Plants for Home Decor

Best Variegated Plants to Amp Up Your Home Decor

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Home decor is a thing of great fascination and importance to most home owners - and with very good reason. The way you decorate your home sets the tone for how it is perceived, how it sets the mood for your everyday life, and how it makes you feel in the long-run. So, indoor plants as pieces of home decor have sky-rocketed in popularity because of their feel-good factor and stunning aesthetics. 

Indoor plants for homes & offices have a way with their surroundings, effortlessly creating positive atmospheres and happy vibes with their lush foliage. However, taking this up a notch with flawless looks are variegated plants. Their stunning, multi-colored leaves and vibrant aesthetics give them an edge over other houseplants, making them beloved additions to gardens of experienced and novice gardeners alike. 

Wondering what these variegations are or where they come from? Read on to know everything and also a few majestic variegated plant options for your home!


• Variegated Plants: Where Does Their Color Come From?

Variegated plant gardens are one of those garden trends that do not diminish with time and instead gain more of a following. The variegated version of our popular houseplants have had gardener's everywhere in a chokehold, while some have even become collectors' favorites because of their rarity. But where do these patterns and colors even come from?


1. It's in Their DNA

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There are different types of variegations, some being natural and other man-made to create stunning cultivars of plants. Pattern-gene variegation is a type of natural variegation that is most commonly seen. This is often observed as a very specific pattern on leaves and is not a result of any mutation. Instead, it is part of a plant's DNA. Some plants that you may see regularly but may not know have this type of variegation are Calatheas and Prayer Plants. 


2. Genetic Mutations Cause Variegations

Monstera Variegated with White Leaves

Chimeral variegations are more complicated, resulting from gene mutations that end up creating a plant with two different chromosomal makeups - one that can and another that can't produce chlorophyll. One such very sought-after variegated houseplant is the White Variegated Monstera. These plants do not have specific patterns and the variegations appear in different patterns every time. Some such plants can even lose their variegations if not cared for properly. 


3. Virally Infected, Variegated Plants

A more atypical type of variegation originates from a viral infection. Variegated plants are fun, no doubt. But variegations from viruses sound somewhat odd, don't they? They might but the result of such viruses is often striking. A common example of this is a Tulip. Many varieties of this are often variegated by the Mosaic virus!


 Caring for Variegated Houseplants

Variegated plants make for the most beautiful indoor plants. But no matter what kind of variegation it might be, there are some basic care tips that must be followed for proper care of variegated plants. Curious about how to do right by these stunners? Here are a few tips:


1. Lighting Conditions: Bright, Indirect

Variegated plants, as we mentioned, tend to lose their variegations over time if not looked after the way they need. One requirement that can't go unmet is the light requirement. Most variegated indoor plants do well in bright, indirect light. It allows for a perfect balance between the light types as direct light can burn the leaves and low light can strip the plant of its coloring. 


2. White or Heavily Variegated Plants? Avoid Direct Light!

Such plants are more prone to sunburn in direct sunlight. So, they must be kept far away from direct sunlight as this will cause leaf-scorching and burn.


3. Prune for Color Retention

Sometimes, variegated houseplants can grow plain green leaves as well. When this happens, remember that 1-2 are fine but if more keep growing, the plant's colored leaves might just be overrun by the green ones over time! So, remember to prune the leaf near the stem to ensure retention of colored leaves. 


• 10 Variegated Plants We Love 


1. Monstera Variegated Thai Constellation 

Ugaoo Monstera Thai Constellation

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The Monstera Variegated is a stunning and very sought-after cultivar of the Monstera Deliciosa plant. A regular Monstera plant in itself is such a stunner with its large leaves and funky fenestrations. Now throw a couple of patches and spots of a wonderful white color on it and you have the most display worthy variegated indoor plant. 

As the process of growing a variegated Monstera plant is slow and also requires a lot of skill & patience, the result is a plant that sells pretty expensive... but with good reason. 


✻ Required Gardening/Expertise Level: Intermediate



2. Rubber Plant Variegated 

Ugaoo Rubber Plant Variegated

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The Rubber plant is an easy to grow indoor plant with a lot of benefits that come with it. With large, glossy, and almost tear-shaped leaves, this a beautiful ornamental plant that can easily steal the center stage. Throw in a variegated pattern on its leaves and it becomes an absolute crowd-favorite!

The leaf variegations appear in shades of cream, pink, green, and red. 


✻ Required Gardening/Expertise Level: Beginner



3. Variegated Pothos/Money Plant


Variegated Pothos

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Money plants are a common sight in most indoor gardens because of their fast growth patterns and easy care requirements. Their leaves grow in little heart shapes and have a wonderful golden-yellow color. These variegated indoor plants are of so many types that their patterns cannot be put into words. 

Some variegations are a wonderful cream color against golden-green leaves while others can be white. Although the cultivars are all called different thigs, their variegation patterns are some what similar in how abstract they are. 


✻ Required Gardening/Expertise Level: Beginner



4. Aglaonema Manila Beauty

Ugaoo Aglaonema Manila Beauty

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Commonly known as Chinese Evergreens, Aglaonema plants are generally variegated plants that come in a variety of stunning patterns and colors. The most commonly seen types are the Aglaonema Red and Pink. 

The Aglaonema Manila Beauty has long pointy leaves and a silvery-white, fish-bone pattern. 


✻ Required Gardening/Expertise Level: Beginner



5. Peacock Plant

Ugaoo Peacock Plant

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Also called the Calathea Makoyana, this plant is one of those that has a pattern-gene variegation, as mentioned before. The stunning variegations of this plant have also earned it the name of "Cathedral Window". Its light green leaves are almost translucent with purple variegations on the bottom and dark green patterns on top. 


✻ Required Gardening/Expertise Level: Intermediate



6. Croton Petra 

Ugaoo Croton Petra XL

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This tropical stunner is a perfect variegated indoor plant. With its large vibrant leaves, it adds the perfect pop of color to any space. Its leaves are a glossy, dark green color with the red & yellow parts adding the perfect eye-catching coloring. This plant will even be able to cut through the night to add the perfect color to otherwise, dull lifeless spaces! 


✻ Required Gardening/Expertise Level: Beginner



7. Dieffenbachia Tropic Snow

Ugaoo Dieffenbachia Tropic Snow

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This memorable XL variegated indoor plant is perfect for every indoor space. Its large leaf variegations make you forget about everything else, adding a vibrancy like no other to spaces. If this plant is placed in your room, it can easily take the centerstage without even doing much. 

Also called the Leopard Lily, this plant has beautiful snow flake like variegations of an off-white color that add to its charm and allure. 


✻ Required Gardening/Expertise Level: Beginner



8. Philodendron Birkin

Ugaoo Philodendron Birkin Variegated Plant

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With elegant, white fish-bone variegations, the Philodendron Birkin is an indoor stunner. As few of the most commonly grown plant species, Philodendron adorn the homes of many. The Birkin is very much the same! Glossy, pointy leaves with these stunning variegated makes for the perfect houseplant, no matter what your aesthetic!


✻ Required Gardening/Expertise Level: Intermediate



9. Dracaena Golden Milky Plant

Ugaoo Dracaena Golden Milky Plant

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The charm of this plant is all in the name and in its leaves. Golden speckled leaves that give the plant its name - i.e. the Milky Plant - are absolute stunners. These leaf variegations look like little stars in a galaxy and add allure unparalleled to this plant. Potted stars in your home? What more could one want!


✻ Required Gardening/Expertise Level: Beginner



10. Stromanthe Triostar

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This variegated plant is an absolute treat for the eye. With multiple colors in its leaf variegations, this plant has long, pointy foliage. The swirls of pink, white-cream, and green blend together to make a stunning variegated indoor plant. Place it anywhere and watch it work its magic!


✻ Required Gardening/Expertise Level: Expert


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