Growing Calendula from Seed

Growing Calendula from Seed

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Botanical Name: Calendula officinalis
Family: Asteraceae Family
Calendula also known as Pot Marigold, English Marigold, or Poet's Marigold is an Annual Flower. The lovely colorful flowers of this little plant add a splash of bright color to the garden. Its edible flowers are used to a distinct flavor to salads and other dishes. Calendula is highly tolerant to cold weather and has been used as container herb since a very long time.
how to grow calendula from seedhow to grow calendula from seed
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Calendula Growing Information:

How to grow Calendula:

To propagate Calendula by seed - Sow Calendula seeds outdoors during spring, or start them indoors 6 to 8 weeks before the last frost. Avoid warm temperatures, as they will produce only weak plants. Keep the calendula seeds covered with soil, as the light inhibits germination. For optimal fall flowering start the new set of seedlings during summer. Note that the Calendula seeds self-sow readily. The plant needs germination temperature from 55 F to 60 F.
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Pot marigold Maintenance and care:

Deadhead dried flowers and pinch to keep bushy. If flowers begin to dwindle in mid-summer, cut the plants back.
Use fertilizers high in phosphorus to increase flower production. Petals of the single flowered Calendula varieties have better flavor.
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Pests that affect calendula plant:


  • Powdery mildew
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Calendula Popular varieties:

  • Art Shades’ Mix: Bright variations of yellow and orange, in single color or bicolor. They tolerate poor sites well.
  • Bonbon’ Series: Extremely dense, pompom like flowers, grow in shades of yellow and orange. Look good in containers. Buy beautiful pots online.
  • Touch of Red’ Mix: Flowers feature red tipped petals with shades of yellow and orange.
  • Calypso’ Series: Compact, dense plants great for container growing. Flowers have dark colored centers and feature shades of orange and yellow.
  • Pacific Beauty’ Series: Heat tolerant plants, flowers in shades of yellow and orange.
  • Prince’ Series: Ideal for cut flowers. Blossom in shades of yellow and orange on long, strong stems. Heat resistant. Prolific flowers.
  • Kablouna’ Series: Mildew resistant plant, flowers in shades of orange and yellow. Petals arranged around tufted and pronounced centers.
  • Greenheart Orange’: Orange petals arranged around a large, lime green tufted center. Ornamental plants that grow 1 ½ to 2’ tall.
  • Radio Extra Selected’: Unique Cactus-like blooms, orange colour, quilled petals. Grow from 1 ½ to nearly 2’ tall.
  • 'Prolifera': Flower resemble hens-and-chicks.
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