How to Grow Money Plant in Water

How to Grow Money Plant in Water: A Essential Guide

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The Money Plant, also known as Epipremnum aureum, is one of the most commonly seen indoor houseplants. Its easy-going nature and low demands for constant attention or maintenance make it a beloved indoor companion. Additionally, these qualities also add to its appeal for new and busy gardeners. Afterall, what's better than an absolutely stunning plant that demands very little from beginner gardeners? 

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Oh and, the best part? This plant is super easy to propagate! So, if you home a Money Plant for the first time, you can always use stem cuttings from the mother plant to grow other baby plants. This way you can add Money Plants all over your home, with ease! 

Let's explore how to grow Money Plant in water so you can make smaller plants from your big plant!


• Know the Money Plant Better: Origins of Epipremnum aureum

money plant growing in the wild on a tree

Also commonly called the Devil's Ivy, Money plants are low maintenance stunners that will have your heart within a few days of being with you. 

The Money Plant originates from the Solomon Islands, where it thrives in the wild, climbing trees and spreading along the forest floor. In its natural habitat, the plant can reach impressive lengths, with leaves that can grow up to several feet long. The plant's vining nature and resilience make it a versatile and attractive addition to any home.

✻ Fun Fact: Some varieties of the Money Plant can also develop absolutely gorgeous fenestrations in the wild. 


• Growing Money Plants: What You Must Know

money plant indoors

Money Plants are easy and low maintenance plants to grow indoors and outdoors. They are pretty fuss-free and create an encouraging environment for new gardeners to build a lot of confidence. So, ideally, if you are a first-time gardener, opting to grow a Money Plant indoors will allow you better insights into basics of plant care. 

Money Plants generally require bright, indirect light to thrive and do well in their surroundings. Their leaves are heart-shaped and delicate, and different varieties of Money Plants come in different hues of yellow-green. It needs watering only once a week and can even tolerate low light conditions to some extent. So, let your creativity run free when decorating with Money Plants!

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Additionally, Money Plants are super easy to propagate and their cuttings can be propagated in water as well. Let's explore the process!


• Money Plant in Water: Propagating Stem Cuttings in Water 

growing money plant in water

Money Plant develops roots very easily when placed in water in the right conditions. All you need to know is that you cannot pick up random leaves or stems from the main plant. You have to look at which part of the plant has viable nodes that will easily be able to grow roots or leaves.

Here's what you need to know about the process:

1. Selecting a Healthy Cutting

When selecting a cutting, look for a part of your plant that looks like a small node. It can be near a leaf or on the bottom part of a stem. This is the node that you want to preserve and use later. 

Use scissors or a Handy Pruner to get your cutting and make sure that whichever tool you are using is well-cleaned. This will ensure that your plant does not catch any infection. 


2. Preparing Your Cutting

Remember when we asked you to ensure that your pruner is clean? Yeah, that is what will give you a clean cut and a healthy cutting. This cutting that you now have must be placed in a jar of water. 

When putting your Money Plant in water, ensure that the cutting is not entirely submerged. For this, you can cut off the bottom leaves and don't worry, the leaves that grow from those nodes will make up for the lost ones!


3. Place your Money Plant inside Water Containers

placing a money plant inside water

Containers* because we feel like you might not stop at one cutting... just like us. So, take a few jars or containers and fill them with clean water. Then place your cuttings inside.

Pro tip: Always ensure that the node is submerged. That makes sure that it actually... grows. 


4. Lighting and Positioning

Since the Money plant prefers bright, indirect light, ensure that you place its cuttings in such conditions. The mother plant will be able to tolerate low light conditions but your Money plant in water will grow best in brighter light.

Another Pro Tip: Avoid the direct sunlight - it can scorch the delicate leaves of your cutting, rendering it useless and unable to grow well. 


5. Changing the Water Regularly

how to grow money plant in water

You're got one question, "how to take care of money plant in water", and we've got one answer - change the water regularly but tactfully. What's essential to remember is that when a plant grows roots in water, it produces and coats the water around it with a hormone that allows better root development.

This hormone is a natural way of boosting root growth and getting rid of it while changing the water would be detrimental to your plant's health. So, always change only half the water, and leave the other half to ensure a good amount of the hormone remains. 


• Tips to Grow Money Plant Faster in Water - What More Can You Do?

1. Use Filtered Water

Chemicals like chlorine that come from tap water are known to hinder plant growth. So, if you want to grow your precious plant babies the way they should grow, use filtered water! Not only will you be making them happier but also stronger. 


2. Use Rooting Hormone

Ugaoo Rooting Hormone

One of the best tips to grow Money Plant faster in water is to make use of a proper liquid-based fertilizer that works in water or Ugaoo's Rooting Hormone. These allow your cuttings to grow faster, stronger, and healthier. Grow them the way nature intended!


3. Maintain Temperature

Stability and consistency is key. So, maintain a stable and consistent temperature - Money Plants prefer a temperature between 65-80°F (18-27°C).


• Potting with Soil or Transplanting your Money Plant Stem Cuttings

This step comes only after the cutting has developed proper roots or a whole root system. Make sure that these roots are healthy and they have more scope to grow once potted with soil. Here's what to do to transplant your cutting from water to soil:


1. Prepare the Pot

pot with drainage hole for properly watering money plants

One thing with pots & planters to remember is that - 1. if you're picking a pot to put your plant into, pick one that has adequate drainage holes and, 2. if you're putting your plant direct into a planter without a pot in between, ensure that the planter has drainage holes too. 

Basically, ensure the presence of drainage holes to avoid waterlogging in the future. 


2. Transfer Your Cutting  

Gentleness is key. You don't want to damage or harm the roots in any way. So, gently remove your Money Plant from the water container and place it in the pot. Cover the roots with soil and press gently to secure. Cover it up with a little soil to ensure that the roots are properly covered. 

You can use Ugaoo's Pot-o-Mix to ensure proper growth as it is crafted with 11 essential ingredients that will allow for everything your plant needs - drainage, aeration, and space to grow. 


3. Watering Money Plants

misting/watering money plants

Money plants need infrequent watering. So, water your Money plants only once a week. Any more could easily cause overwatering, which can result in root rot eventually. 

Growing baby Money plants from the main/mother plant is a rewarding process. So, go ahead and propagate your own! 

Happy gardening!




1. How can I grow Money plant in water?

Simply take a healthy cutting from your mature plant and ensure that this cutting has nodes to grow roots. Then put this cutting in a jar full of clean, filtered water and place in a spot with bright, indirect light. After a few weeks, you can pot this cutting into a pot/planter and allow it to grow into a full plant!


2. How long can Money plant grow in water?

Money plants will generally start showing visible roots within 1-2 weeks of being placed in water. While it does happen, the cutting does not always grow new leaves when placed just in water. However, it can grow a whole root system, growing bigger and stronger roots with more time. 


3. What is the best fertilizer for Money plant in water?

When growing Money plant in water, one of the best fertilizers to use would be a water-soluble fertilizer that disperses nutrients into the water itself in order to grow the roots. For this, you can use Ugaoo's Water-Soluble Fertilizer.



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