Money Plant Caring Tips & Benefits

Money Plant Caring Tips & Benefits

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In India, even if you aren’t a gardener or haven’t had much experience with plants, you still would have heard about the money plant. Every neighbor, relative, friend and acquaintance with even a slightly green thumb will attest to the fact that this is often the first plant they bring home.
Another popular name for the money plant is jade plant. And it truly has a large fan following.
But what could be the reasons for its everlasting popularity? And should you get one? And if you do, is it easy to maintain? We’ve got all these answers for you and more!
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Why to Grow Money Plant?

This is an evergreen plant and the number one reason why so many people seem to have it, is right there in its name. It is said to be the bringer of prosperity and good fortune to any household that is home to it.
In appearance, it is an incredibly lush green plant that immediately stands out from its brethren. Its broad leaves, shiny stem and strong branches are also symbolic of prosperity. They stand for renewal, vibrancy and life. Because of these traits, it has been connected to success, development and growth in many parts of Asia. 
Under the right and most fertile conditions, this plant develops whitish-pink star shaped flowers that add even more to its beauty. Once these flowers bloom, you know that you are about to witness the best that this plant can offer. And that is a special feeling.
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Another really prominent use of this flower is as a symbol for friendship. This is because it also represents good luck, so the gesture of passing on this luck to a friend who is close to you is a very good gesture.
Besides that, you would also be bringing someone dear to you, good fortune and prosperity and what better way is there to solidify a friendship? Read about 10 feng shui plants for positive evergy.

How to Take Care of Money Plant:

Finally, now that you understand the benefits of the money plant, it’s time to learn how to properly care for it. Now don’t worry, it isn’t very difficult at all! And you have for all the equipment that you will ever need.

1. Maintain Room Temperature:

The first thing of note is to keep the plant at room temperature, somewhere around 15C to 24C. This will give it the most optimum conditions to grow and make your job considerably easier.
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2. Potting & Re-potting a Plant:

The best way of growing a money plant is by ensuring that it remains root bound. This means that you should grow it in a smaller pot initially so that the roots have room to move about but not stretch out too far. Eventually, you can just re-pot it in a bigger pot. Red about how to grow creepers & climbers in your garden.
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3. Water Requirement of Golden Pothos:

Finally, a crucial trick to remember is to water it sparingly. This plant doesn’t need too much water to keep it healthy. So, between each watering sessions, let the soil dry out a bit so that you can feel that texture. Then water the plant just enough without flooding it. And soon, it will be thriving in your garden!
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Now, are you excited to bring home that money plant and grow it on your own?