Growing Peonies – Fragrant June Blooms

Growing Peonies – Fragrant June Blooms

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Peonies are outrageously charming flowers that bloom during the springtime. These fragrant beauties with deeply lobed leaves range from red to white or yellow. These flowers are one of the most popular garden plants in Asia and America. They are available in the spring and summer in these countries as cut flowers in bunches. Peonies plants can grow as tall as 11.48 feet and are available in 33 known species.
pink peonies

Types of Peonies:

1. Single:

A single or double row broad petals encircle the stamens, while the carpels remain visible.

2. Japanese:

A single or double row broad petals encircle somewhat broadened staminodes, may carry pollen along the edges.

3. Anemone:

A single or double row broad petals encircle narrow incurved petal-like stamen, while fertile stamens are absent, carpels visible.

4. Semi-double:

A single or double row of broad petals encircle further broad petals intermingled with stamens.

5. Bomb:

A single row of broad petals encircles a shorter dense pompon of narrower petals.

6. Double:

The flower consists of many broad petals only, including those that must be altered stamens and carpels

Planting peonies – Tips and Tricks

The flexible nature of the Peonies makes them very easy to maintain. All they need is full sun and well-drained soil. They could even bloom in cold winters as they need chilling for the formation of their buds.
pink peonies, paeonia
The best time to plant peonies is in the fall around late September and early October. The soil used for planting the peony should not be very sandy. If it is, fill it up with compost. This will not only add fertility but make it much more suitable for the growth of the peonies. Buy soil & manure online.
peony flower
Do try and keep the growing flowers away from strong winds as they are quite delicate. Keep them spaced well, optimally four feet apart, for good air circulation between them. A generous sized hole should be dug for the peonies, about two feet by two feet. Finally, watering the plant well is imperative and will ensure that they bloom to their full potential. Buy watering tools to water your plants properly.
white peony

What makes the Peony unique?

Well, once they are planted, you can enjoy their beauty by combining them with other flowers in your garden. Planting white peonies with yellow irises and a froth of forget-me-nots and setting them off pink peonies will make your garden a sight of true magnificence!
pink peonies
Peonies also make beautiful cut flowers, lasting more than a week. You can cut long stems when the buds are still fairly tight and keep them in your room to freshen it up all day! Browse to buy beautiful flower seeds online.
Did you know that peonies are the floral symbol of China, the state flower of Indiana, and the 12th wedding anniversary flower? Also, in ancient times peonies were believed to relieve headaches and help with asthma. They aren’t an ordinary flower!
peony flower
So, get to work and dig up some holes in your garden for these wonderful flowers. 
Let’s Ugaoo!