Madhumalti – A Perfect Summer Houseplant

Madhumalti – A Perfect Summer Houseplant

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Everything You Need To Know About Madhumalti Flowers

The Rangoon creeper is a gorgeous plant with attractive flowers. If you have an indoor garden, the Madhumalti plant is the ideal choice to add. It has a mild and sweet fragrance. Also, these indoor plants are easy to maintain. In English, the madhumalti is known as the Chinese Honeysuckle.

How To Grow a Madhumalti Plant?

Are you planning to add some indoor plants with flowers to your home garden? Then we have an amazing suggestion for you. Get a Madhumalti plant as you can grow them easily. This is one such plant that does not need much care and maintenance. You can place these indoor plants at the entrance of your home. So anyone walking into the home will smell the sweet fragrance of the rangoon creeper. Below are the steps on how to begin the process of the madhumalti plant.


·        Step 1: Cuttings

You need to get your hands on some healthy cuttings. The plant or vine does not produce seeds. So the best way to grow them is to use stem cuttings. Keep the cutting in a wet tray. It should not be soggy. The cuttings should be about 4-5 inches long without any flower buds.


·        Step 2: Prepare the Pot

Once you have those, it’s time to prepare the container to place the indoor plants for home. Get a 6-inch pot and make a hole at the bottom. Fill it up with potting soil. Make sure you get good-quality potting soil. Add little water to make it moist.


·        Step 3: Rooting Hormone

Now you need to take the cuttings and dip them in the rooting hormone. Make sure you dip on the bottom section. This helps to fasten the root formation process.


·        Step 4: Insert the Cuttings

It is time to insert the cuttings into the potting soil. Keep 2 leaf nodes outside and one buried in the soil. Sprinkle some water. Ensure that the plant receives filtered sunlight. Keep the container in a warm place. Add water to the plant by sprinkling it at least 2-3 times per day.


How To Use The Rangoon Creeper?



The Madhumalti plant has many uses. For example, flower plants are grown in homes as an ornamental plant. Its beautiful flowers have eye-catching colors. Also, it has an appealing fragrance to it.


The flexible stems of the Madhumalti flower are used to make fish traps, baskets, and more. In addition, it is a source of quisqualic acid. You can buy online plants and get them delivered to your home. Simply visit the Ugaoo website and get these flower plants. Let us have a look at the benefits of this amazing plant.

  • The leaves of the Madhu Malti plant are used to treat ulcers. They are also beneficial to treat boils and reduce swelling.

  • It is also a great remedy to treat headaches. All you need to do is apply the leaves on the forehead. Your headache will vanish away soon.

  • The roasted fruits of the plant help to reduce fever and diarrhea.


Tips to Care For The Madhumalti Plant

Here is how you can help the plant grow well.


1.      The plant needs regular watering to help it grow and bloom perfectly. The leaves should not fall off. So make sure to water the plant if the soil feels dry. But you should not overwater the plant. You can water once every 3-4 days during the winter. In summer, you can water these indoor plants with flowers once a day.


2.      Though the plant does not fertilizers, you can buy indoor plant fertilizer to give the plant a good start. But do not add fertilizers that have nitrogen. You can visit the Ugaoo website to choose the indoor plant fertilizer for the plant. Get these indoor plants for home today.


3.      It is best to place the plant in partial shade. Outdoor areas are ideal for the plant to bloom and produce flowers. The Madhumalti plant should receive at least 6 hours of sunlight every day. You can even grow this plant on your balcony or open terrace.


The Bottom Line

The Rangoon Creeper or Madhumalti plant has several benefits. For example, it is widely used in the medicinal field. It also has therapeutic benefits too. The leaves of the plant help to clear skin problems. Besides, the seeds are useful to treat intestinal parasites and worms. There are many such best indoor plants for the home you can choose from.


Overall, the plant has many properties that make it useful. So what are you waiting for? Check out the Ugaoo website and bring home a Madhumalti plant. You can buy online plants and get them delivered to your home. You can explore planters, different seeds, fertilizers, and much more on the platform. Tell your friends to buy indoor plants online at Ugaoo.


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