Tangled Heart Plant

Tangled Heart Plant

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You may find the tangled heart plant to be ideal for adding a bit of green to your home. This succulent plant grows well with very little soil and does not need too much care either. The leaves of the plant are bright green but you may find purple lines all over the leaves too. The plant will hang from your balcony capturing instant attention. The plant will appear to be like tiny hearts hanging from a pinkish vine. It is unusual and will give you peace of mind while adding much-needed greenery to your home.


Botanists know it by the Latin name of Plectranthus prostrates. This wonderful green plant is native to Africa but can grow well in hot and humid conditions. You can grow it within a small container thus saving space. You will be pleased to find it growing exceedingly fast even when you do not have time to care extensively for it.

Alternative Names- Swedish Ivy, Pillow Plant

Tangled Heart Plant Care

A beautiful hanging plant like a tangled heart vine requires minimal care. It is best to check the associated information well in advance to have it growing steadily within your home.



Some of the things that you have to be doubly sure of are:-

Preparing the Soil

The heart of plant grows quite well when you use loam soil. The organic components of the soil attract several microorganisms that help the plant to grow faster. You may use shredded leaves from other plants in your indoor garden as well as compost to facilitate growth. of the tangled heart vine.


Water is no too critical for tangled heart plant care, either. Ensure that the soil around it is not completely dry. The plant requires minimal watering just like other succulents. You may have to use less water during the winter months. You may water the tangled heart vine three to four times every week and spray some water on the leaves once in a while to retain their fresh look. Be careful to keep the soil well drained as a pooling of water near the roots may cause it to wilt and wither.



The Swedish Ivy may be native to Africa but it cannot tolerate direct sunlight. You are welcome to place the container with the growing vine in an area that faces South or West. Be sure to plant it in a relatively shaded area when you have it growing directly in your garden. Tangled heart plant care is minimal and you do not have to be too concerned about it.



Use a diluted fertiliser when the plant is growing actively. The months of May to August may see it grow vigorously when the conditions are perfect. You do not have to be overly conscious about using special feeds or chemical fertilizers though. Allow the heart of plant to grow naturally by taking minimal care. You will be happy to have a thriving tangled heart vine enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your conventional garden or indoor garden.


Pillow Plant Pruning 

Do not become anxious when you find the vine growing steadily with no leaves. The leaves tend to fall off periodically. It is a normal progression with no reason to panic. All you have to do is trim the stem carefully and propagate it in additional containers. Use anything you may find from mugs to glasses and cups. You will certainly find multiple new plants within a few days. Share the plants with neighbours and friends to spread cheer and goodwill. You are actively doing your bit to promote greenery and it augurs well for the world.


Propagating the plant 

The process to propagate plants is simple enough. All you need to do is follow the steps below.

  • Having at least 3 to 4 cutting of the plant handy

  • Remove the leaves from the bottom end of the cutting to ensure that two nodes remain exposed

  • Place each cutting directly into the soil by digging a shallow hole with your fingers. You may also use the back of a used toothbrush to create the required space.

  • You do not need any kind of rooting to have the pillow plant grow into a healthy vine

  • Water the area meticulously until the first sign of growth becomes obvious



Common Problems with Tangled Heart Vine

You may find the leaves becoming yellow or wilting and shedding off periodically. It simply means that you have been over-watering the plant. Do water as needed. Missing a day or two of watering is okay too. It will not harm the tangled heart plant.

The fading green or yellowing colour with too much purplish hue on the leaves is not a major issue. This is the result of experiencing harsh sunlight. Move the plans into a shaded area where they receive indirect sunlight. You will find the heart of plant becoming green once again.

There are no instances of pest attacks or insects affecting the tangled heart plant. However, you may want to keep healthy plants separated from infected ones.


Tangled Heart Plant is a succulent plant that is easily grown and propagated. You will find it easy to maintain as it does not require active care or too much attention.

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